mobile technology

Why 2018 has been a great year for mobile technology?

If something characterizes a server is analyzing with a certain criticism a large part of the technological products that pass through my hands. I personally believe that in a market where the high range costs about 1,000 dollars and the average range about 300 should not be magnanimous, because if you do not highlight the negative aspects of a product the firm will never make efforts to improve it. However, as a lover of technology, I cannot help but get excited year after year, after seeing the innovations and novelties that manufacturers are presenting. Continue Reading

Read on mobile

The future of the book is to read on mobile?

One enters the meter and do not see too many people with books in hand .Instead abound e – book readers and smartphones all in Travellers play, communicate or, of course, read.

The question is therefore obvious? Has become mobile in the substitute’s book life when reading many raised the mobile revolution as a revolution also the publishing segment, but the fact is that today no signs that the phenomenon occurred.

Even new editors defend the role

In addition, we referred to this area “do you think the new e – book publishers, DRM and the future of reading,” an article in which our colleague Sergio Parra came in contact with responsible publishers greenfield. Continue Reading