Intel and its computer on a card wants to make laptops an accessory

Computers have to continue to evolve, it is inevitable that their conventional form factor is disappearing – we prove it in sales – leaving space to mobile devices and concepts that are transformed, some, with certain doses of modularity. There are several projects today that we must follow, such as the case of Superbook, or the one at hand, NexDock.

It is something more recent than it seems, we see that operating systems like Windows 10 or Android encourage engineers to put the hardware in all kinds of gadgets, making design work more flexible. In the case of the Microsoft system, we even find complete versions, with which we can do anything we would do on the desktop.

NexDock is an accessory, but it really is a laptop that lacks the brain. Well, you have brains since it has been devised so that we can connect a mobile, another computer, a tablet, or a Raspberry Pi plate. In some cases it will make screen, main, in other secondary, but always offering the comfortable control of a laptop: keyboard and trackpad. Continue Reading

Intel processors

Intel processors, smartphones and glass balls

If anyone has read ‘The Intel Trinity’ will know by heart the story of the eight traitors and how that event led to the gestation of the company that dominated the semiconductor company for the next five decades. In that story, as in many others, there is a good (Bob Noyce), ugly (Gordon Moore) and bad (Andy Grove), and the funny thing is that only one of them, “ugly”, I could see really future. And that future was in microprocessors.

That was in the early 70. After several years growing thanks to them, the memories business was no longer profitable, so Grove decided to go for a segment to which almost no one paid attention. Microprocessors, he said, could be the future. He was right, of course, and that led Intel to lead a market that would escape 20 years later. Otellini was at a crossroads similar ways, but confided. Mobile devices were not competitive, he thought. That decision has cost a lot to this company. Among other things, has just announced the dismissal of 12,000 employees over the next 12 months. Continue Reading