‘The Machine’, the HP supercomputer based on photonics, shows its first prototype with 8TB of memory

HP showed two years ago that today is his most ambitious and important project: ‘The Machine’. A project with the division of the company in late 2015 became part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), who is responsible for servers and storage systems on a large scale, and which seek to change everything we know about computers and their electron-based architecture.

‘The Machine’ based use in memory through silicon photonics, which means that neglects the transmission of information via electrons and gives way to a reading within the same memory bank without Processors. HPE few days ago presented the first working prototype of ‘The Machine’ with a view to having the first commercial devices between 2018 and 2019. Continue Reading

HP printers

HP protects your new printers against cyber attacks, and that’s more important than you think

If you have a local network at home with several connected computers, I’m sure they take measures to protect them against possible threats arriving from abroad. But what if I tell you that printers also need to have their own security protocols as they can be a perfect point of attack?

The weakest link in a chain is what makes its strength, and local office networks increasingly attacks that have originated in the connected printers are detected. That’s why HP has recently introduced a new range of office printers highlighting new security measures, but really the printers are so “hackable” and dangerous as it says HP? Continue Reading