HP Spectre, the incredibly thin laptop leaves us surprises

They are laptops, ultrabooks, convertible and if we want, equipment impossible. At least in thickness and weight, the last HP Spectre falls into that classification and confirms that the American giant has in its catalog some of the best Windows computers for a few years, all under the name Spectre.

Its design resembles nothing seen so far is the first thing we look, but there is much more. What commitments has had to take HP for a team with Core i7 is not thicker than 1 cm? Watch for our analysis of the HP Spectre 13 because there are surprises.

HP Spectre: Minimum thickness is not incompatible with good power or connectivity

Nothing else know the new HP Spectre 13-inch, our eyes and fingers went to a comparison with Apple’s Macbook team that has a number of singularities that many users have associated with the design and the idea of ultrabooks maximum portability and future but with clear limitations. The HP Spectre posed us for this 2016 seemed to offer solutions precisely to the “errors” that we thought had made the small ultrabook Apple. Continue Reading