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Why are Nintendo Switch Games so expensive

Nintendo has been able to build an empire throughout its years that allows it to control its prices so well, that no matter that as the years go by, prices remain in force in the market, so you end up paying the same price as when the game is released a year or two earlier. But in principle, that does not make sense. They are not like the games on the Play or the Xbox that as time passes, their video games and their franchises lose value. What makes Nintendo so special that it allows this? Why are Nintendo switch games so expensive? Read the article to know the answer.

Why are Nintendo switch games so expensive?

why are nintendo switch games so expensive


Like other platforms or consoles that are owned by most studios in the world dedicated to creating video games, Nintendo has always had a more limited quota compared to its competitors, which has created the need for the company to establish strategies that allow the company to continue competing.

The most important strategy carried out by Nintendo has been to establish its video games as exclusive to its consoles, so you will never see that you can natively play its video games on a PC, for example, and if you get the game online, the only way to reproduce it will be using the console that they have created for that particular game.

This leads us to understand that Nintendo games are always in demand in the market. Their price only decreases until the company decides to bring a new generation to the market, so the previous one loses interest. Consequently, players’ lower demand wants to have old games as the new console is coming with new games and new technical features.

This Nintendo can keep its prices stable since the demand for games is constant because its games cannot be played on other platforms and their prices only go down when Nintendo makes the jump to the next generation.

What is the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console developed by Nintendo and launched on the market in 2017. Since then, more and more young people and children have chosen it to entertain themselves, but it is also the adults who are passionate about video games to choose it. It is a valid alternative to the classic consoles that allows us to play wherever we want and even in company. We can use it at home, away from home but also by connecting it to the TV it is, therefore, a much more versatile tool than other consoles that work instead only by connecting them to TVs. Nintendo then made available to us the possibility of customizing it by choosing small permissible changes such as the choice of controllers. We find the controllers available in different colors.

Why choose Nintendo?

The choice to buy a console like Nintendo must be made thinking about your needs. Considering that today we also find the most popular games, you will not have restrictions from that point of view. It is a product suitable for those who need a console to take with them. Many online games allow you to play even with users who have different consoles, so unless particular games are only available on other types of platforms, the advice is to choose the Nintendo Switch. Simple, versatile, fun and comfortable.

The main variant that defines the cost is certainly the chosen model. As you will discover in the next paragraphs, there is a considerable price difference between them. So if you are considering purchasing this product, consider what type of product you want to buy.

How much does the Nintendo Switch cost?

The list price of the Nintendo switch is 369.99 dollars. This is the full-featured console. We find not only the portable mode but also the table mode and the TV mode. We find it compatible with all Nintendo Switch software without exception. We are equipped with two controllers called Joy-Con that we can use both attached to the console and separated from it. They are removable and detachable. This allows us to change them as well as we like. We then find the base for Nintendo Switch, thanks to which we can connect our console to our TV. It has a 6.3-inch screen and a weight of about 297 grams. The battery has a variable duration from 4 to 9 hours, also depending on the type of game we want to use.

The second model of Nintendo Switch we meet is called Nintendo Switch Lite. Its list cost is 219.99 dollars. We find it available in different shades of monotonous color. It is designed for those who only want to take advantage of the portable game mode. Unlike the previous one, it cannot be used in TV or Table mode and is not compatible with all Nintendo Switch software. It has no controller because it is a single block. They are, in fact, integrated. Its screen is 5.5 inches and weighs around 275 grams. The battery has a variable duration between 3 and 7 hours, depending on the game we are using.

What is the best FPS or killing games on Roblox?

When you get rid of the hectic daily life, it is necessary to take some measures that help you relax, distract yourself and improve your mood. One of the busiest today is enjoying the best FPS games you can find on Roblox.

How to fix imac won’t turn on?

MacBook is the Mac laptop and has several versions MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook rarely during the life of the MacBook can cause some problem and one of the most serious is that it does not start. In the event that the imac won’t turn on, you must follow the following steps before taking it to an official workshop to help you fix it.

Why imac won’t turn on?

imac won't turn on


Check that the power adapter is connected to the MacBook and to an electrical outlet. Use only the 60W MagSafe power adapter supplied with your MacBook Pro.

If the power adapter stops charging the battery and the MagSafe connector light does not come on when connecting the power cord, unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet and plug it in again, or try plugging it into another outlet current.

If the previous two steps did not start the MacBook, check if the battery needs to be recharged. Press the small button on the left side of the computer. You will see one to eight indicator lights showing the charge level. If only one indicator is lit, plug in the power adapter to charge the MacBook’s battery to get it to start.
If the startup problem persists, close all open documents and exit all applications. Return the computer to the initial state or factory state (but keeping its files) by pressing the left Shift key, the left key (alt), the left control key, and the power button (0) simultaneously for five seconds until the restart the MacBook computer.
If you recently installed additional memory, make sure that it has been installed correctly and that it is compatible with your computer. Check if the computer boots after removing the installed memory and reinstalling the old one

Press the power button (®) and immediately then hold down the Command (x), Option, P and R keys simultaneously until you hear the start-up sound a second time to reset the Parameter RAM (PRAM).

If you still can’t start your MacBook, see “More information, service, and support where I buy my MacBook.
Take the time to do each of these steps and try to start up your MacBook.If your screen goes black or your MacBook Pro freezes, try restarting your MacBook.hope, you have solved imac won’t turn on issue.

How to delete Instagram messages

As in WhatsApp, it is possible to delete private messages from Instagram after they have been sent. Private messages disappear both from your screen and from other people’s, and there is also no time limit.

How to connect alexa to tv with voice command? The easiest method

Alexa is the voice assistant created by Amazon, capable of offering a strong ecosystem behind it. Today we are talking about how to connect Alexa to TV to control it with your voice. If you have a smartTV compatible with voice assistants, usually the association between them and our Alexa device is very simple but varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

How to connect Alexa to the TV

If your TV is compatible with Alexa, you need to use the Samsung Smart Things app (available for Android and iOS ) to connect. The handy app allows you to create a free account with which to control your television. Once you have the account, you can set it up on Alexa. To do this, you need to:

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app (available for Android and iOS );
  • Press the menu button (it is at the bottom right of the interface, three parallel white segments characterize it);
  • Then choose the item” Skills and Games “;
  • Inside the screen, press the magnifying glass icon at the top;
  • Then search for the “Samsung SmartThings” skill, select it and press the “Enable use “button;
  • Then log in with your Samsung account and confirm.
  • At this point, you can switch to enabling the TV again in the Alexa app. To do this, you will have to go back to the menu and select the item” Add device,” then select “TV,” and finally, “Samsung. ” The procedure is guided. At the end you can give commands directly to your TV.

How to connect Alexa to Sony TV

Bravia models enabled for voice control compatible with Alexa (here is an official list) have a special app available. To reach it, make sure your TV is connected to the Internet, then from the remote control, press the “Home” button and reach the “App” section. Then select the “Configuring TV control with Amazon Alexa” icon. Follow the procedure and select your Google account associated with the TV during the first configuration. Then give the TV a name that is easy to pronounce and press the “Finish” button.

We can follow the first 5 points of the previous paragraph and, at the time of the search, enter “Sony’s Android TV.” Once identified, click on “Enable use “. The configuration will start, which is simple and guided. You simply need to enter the Google account associated with the TV.

How to connect Alexa to LG TV

The procedure on LG smart TVs is slightly more complex and is only available on models with at least the WebOS 4.5 operating system version, starting with the UM7100 series. Alexa works only with the remote pointer control with a microphone. If you want to use the function, you will have to buy it.

With the remote in hand, long press on the “Prime Video “button, do not release it until the automatic installation of the Alexa app begins. When the installation is complete, a screen will open with a code, which must be entered on the following page after logging in with your account.

Then tap to configure the TV to control by voice, just:

  • Press the button with the gear icon on the remote control;
  • In the “Settings, “go to “Connection” then on “Connection to voice control devices”;
  • Then select the Amazon Alexa item;
  • The procedure will continue allowing you to enter your Amazon account;
  • Finally, you will be asked to indicate a name with which the TV will be called and the procedure can be concluded.

If you want to control the TV via the Alexa app or an Echo device (connected to the same WiFi network as the TV), follow the 5 points in the paragraph dedicated to Samsung TVs. This time, install the “LG SmartThinQ” Skill and follow the indicated procedure.

How to connect Alexa to Panasonic, Hisense and TCL TV

For these televisions, the procedure is standard. You have to download the respective apps to associate your television and register your account. Then you can download the appropriate Skill on Alexa and connect the device by logging in with the registered account credentials.

If your TV is not compatible, don’t worry, there are other ways to configure your TV to interact with Alexa as explained in the next paragraph.

How to connect a non-Alexa certified TV

In this circumstance, you can use a Fire Stick TV or a smart HUB IR. The Fire TV Stick is a handy HDMI dongle (it’s nothing more than an adapter that connects to the HDMI port) that allows you to make a classic TV smart (we have already talked about it in this article ).

While a smart HUB IR is a device that emits an infrared signal like a universal remote control. We can control this through an Echo Alexa device, TV, air conditioners, decoder, stereo and everything that works through a classic infrared remote control.

Alexa commands are dedicated to controlling the TV and playback

After having configured your SmartTV or installed a Smart HUB IR, you can use the following commands:

Alexa, turn on / off (TV name);
Alexa, put the channel number (for example 222) on (TV name, to indicate on which TV if you have configured more than one);
Alexa, go to the next channel;
Alexa, previous/next channel;
Alexa, turn the volume up / down on (TV name);
Alexa, mute/unmute audio on (TV name);
Alexa mutes (TV name);
Alexa, turn on / off (TV name).

How to make Facebook avatar? Quick steps

Those who do not want to use their photo to use as their profile picture can certainly use an avatar.
An avatar is a virtual representation of us, usually comic and funny. Facebook has also added the possibility for each user of the social network to create an avatar and use it for the profile image and have pleasant stickers custom to use in post comments and chats with your friends. In this article, we will see how to make facebook avatar, change an avatar that has already been created, and use it both on Facebook and other chats.

How to make Facebook avatar?

It is not yet possible to create your own avatar on the desktop version, but you can do it simply using the Facebook application on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad). If you don’t have the Facebook app, you can download it for free from the Play Store and the App Store. So to create your avatar just:

  • Open the Facebook app and log in with your credentials (username and password);
  • Then press the menu button at the top right (three superimposed lines characterize it);
  • Press the other button and then on the item ” Avatars. “
  • At this point, you will be faced with the procedure for creating the avatar. It is really intuitive. To do a good job and achieve a result that really resembles you, you can press the mirror function icon. It is located at the top right of the interface and will bring up your image taken via your device’s front camera. So you can choose from among the many options available those that best represent you.

It is spoiled for choice. You can customize every part of the avatar, from the skin color to the hair, through the shape of the eyes, to the build, and finally to the clothing. When you are satisfied with your avatar, you can save the result by pressing the V-shaped button at the app interface’s top right.

You may also like to read, no nonsense forex. To know more visit our Business blog https://heygom.com

After creating and saving it, you can have a complete preview, here we can decide to return to the editing mode by pressing the button with the pencil, or we can see how our avatar will behave in the different stickers. So when he is happy, sad, angry, or smiling. If you want to set your avatar as a profile picture, you can press the appropriate button with the arrow on this screen.

Create an avatar within Messenger

You can also create your own Facebook avatar directly within the Messenger application. After installing the app, available for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad), you need to:

  • Open the app and log in with your credentials;
  • Then open any conversation;
  • In the writing box (and not on the keyboard), press the key with the smiley face;
  • Then instead of choosing a Sticker, press the button characterized by the face with the tongue out;
  • At this point, you will have entered the avatar creation mode;
  • Finally, after waiting for the upload, you can press the blue button ” Create your Avatar. “

Here you can create and save your avatar exactly as we described in the previous paragraph.

How do you use the Facebook avatar?

Once you have saved your avatar, you can use it in Facebook comments and conversations (on each platform also on the site). Doing it is simple. In the text fields, just press the button characterized by a laughing face (which is adds to the buttons that allow access to GIFs and stickers).

To use the new animated stickers based on avatars also on the desktop version of the Facebook site. For example, when you want to comment, just click on the comment box. Then, press the stickers button inside between the categories. You will notice a laughing face that contains new and funny stickers.

How do I edit the avatar?

Obviously, it is possible to change our avatar. Facebook must have thought that if we can change, we must be able to do it too. The edit menu is only available on the Facebook app (for Android or iOS).

To reach the screen, you need to open the app. On the main screen, press the menu icon at the top right (characterized by three lines). Then press on the button ” More ” to show all the options and finally on the item Avatars. Then to move on to the actual modification, press on the button with the marker icon.

Use Facebook avatars on other chats

If you want to use the fun new custom stickers on other chat platforms, you can do it, just:

  • Open the Facebook app on Android or iOS;
  • On the main screen, press the menu icon at the top right (characterized by three lines);
  • Then press on the button ” More ” to show all the options and finally on the item ” Avatars “;
  • Here press on the text of the stickers and then choose one;
  • Finally, press on ” Other options ” you will access the sharing menu and you can send the chosen sticker in the chat we prefer (eg, on WhatsApp).

How to recover deleted YouTube videos

Currently, this social network which only specializes in videos is being the most used by absolutely all its users, since, in addition to being just a simple object of fun there are also people who receive monetary income from this social network, these people are known as “Youtubers”, these people are dedicated to making videos which depending on their visits, their number of likes, their sponsors and their advertising, this is how they receive their income, as you can find large amounts and all genres, as well as from a simple funny video to hang out to an informational video that may help you at test time.

However, there are times when we come across that a certain video was deleted, leading to the disappointment of not being able to watch this video anymore, but in this case, I will teach you some techniques with which you can recover certain videos and continue watching them, but keep in mind Note that of all the measures that exist to perform this action, not all are fully functional, since some may be paid or simply do not exist.

How to recover deleted YouTube videos from computer

Well as mentioned above, there is no sure method of how to recover a deleted video from YouTube and this is one case, if you have an account in which you uploaded a video and deleted it, you have an opportunity to recover it by sending a help form to YouTube, to do this, all you have to do is follow each of these simple steps:

  • First, you must gather all the necessary information from your video. As well as, for example, the name, its link, and if possible, its number of visits likes, and dislikes.
  • Once all your information has been gathered. You will have to enter the YouTube help site and write all this information
  • Once this is done, you must wait 1 to 2 days for them to respond, if so. You will have your video as it was when you deleted it. But unfortunately, if they do not, there is no other way to recover said video

Also keep in mind that, if you want to recover a video from your channel, you can do it if you previously created a copy of the said video on a local disk or on a cloud disk, but if you did not do any of these 2 steps, unfortunately, it does not exist Another method to recover it, as you cannot recover a video from another channel unless it is downloaded first.

How to recover deleted YouTube videos from Android

Unfortunately on Android mobile devices there is no safe method to recover deleted YouTube videos, however, I will show you a safe way to recover these videos in case you already have them downloaded on your Android device, for this an app called DiskDigger will be used, this app will help you recover your deleted photos and videos which are stored on your Android device, for this you will only have to follow each of these simple steps:

  1. Download and install the app, this app can be found in Google Play, therefore, it is 100% safe and reliable
  2. Once it has been installed, you must open the app
  3. When you are inside, you must select which disk partition you want to scan
  4. Once you have selected the disk partition to scan, you must choose what type of files you want to recover, in this case, you will select the mp4 files (when choosing this file, all the video formats that you have previously had will also be recovered)
  5. Now that you have selected the type of file to recover, you select the scan option
  6. Once it finishes scanning, you will see all the videos that have been recovered
  7. You must select the videos you want to recover
  8. Once the videos are selected, you simply select recover
  9. But first, you must select where you want the recovered videos to be saved, and once the location is selected. There is nothing left but to recover them, and after doing this, you will have your recovered videos.

How to recover deleted YouTube videos on iPhone

Like the previous case, there is no definitive method on how to recover YouTube videos for iPhone devices, just as there is no app in the App Store, which is why you must use a program called Fonlab, This program is compatible with both Windows and Mac and this program will help you recover the videos that you have downloaded, as well as any other type of files, once this is mentioned, to recover your deleted videos, all you have to do is is to follow each of these simple steps:

  1. You must first download and install the program
  2. Once installed, you must run the program
  3. Now that it is running, you must connect your iPhone device to your computer
  4. Once it is connected, just select the option Recover from IOS device
  5. When the option is selected, you must select the option Start analysis
  6. Once the device has been scanned, you will be shown the data that has been recovered to which you will choose the videos option, there will be the videos from your mobile device
  7. Once inside, you must select the videos you want to recover
  8. Now that the videos to be recovered have been selected, you must select the Recover option
  9. Once the option is selected, you must choose a folder in which the recovered videos will be saved
  10. Once the folder is chosen, you will select the Recover option again, and once this is done. You will have your recovered videos

Keep in mind that if you have a YouTube channel you can make use of it as you wish. But likewise, if you delete a video, it cannot be recovered since according to the regulations of the said social network you can only ask for help and fill out the form that is presented to you (this is if in case they answered your request), but in case they did not answer your request because unfortunately there will be no other option but to remake said video and start from scratch.

How to reset an ipad mini? Follow the easy guideline

The iPad certainly represents a fairly safe mobile device, which does not require particular maintenance and is always available for immediate use. Even with the best tablet, it could still happen that something goes wrong. Therefore, resetting an iPad is a basic action requested by Apple to solve some small anomalies capable of negatively affecting the iPad’s performance. For example, this procedure is functional when an application does not respond correctly or responds too slowly and the restart has no effect. In the following computer tutorial, let’s see how to best reset an iPad mini.

How to reset an iPad mini?

First of all, the question that needs to be asked is, “When is it necessary to reset an iPad?”. If an application is not working properly and causes problems using the tablet, you have the opportunity to try restarting the iPad. Is this not possible or is the problematic issue not resolved? You can delete the application causing the anomaly and then reinstall it on the tablet.

Even in this way, the desired result is not achieved or is the operating system’s problem? The Apple company recommends that you proceed with a total reset of the iPad. The following action does not result in the loss of existing data on the tablet or damage it. Consequently, it is possible to completely reset the iPad, without fear of anything.

Complete reset Ipad mini / Hard – Reset

If iPad mini isn’t working properly, try restarting it, force quitting an app, or resetting the phone.

iPad mini – restart iPad mini: Press and hold the power button until the red arrow appears. Slide your finger on the arrow to turn off the iPad. To turn on the iPad mini again, press and hold the On / Off button until the Apple logo is displayed.

If the iPad mini cannot be turned off or the problem persists, you may need to factory reset it. This procedure should be done only and exclusively when the problem is not solved.

Force Quit an App: Press and hold the Power button on the top of the iPhone for a few seconds until a red slider appears, then press and hold the Home button until the app closes.

Apple recommends the hard-reset process for problems with the iPad mini software, badly installed applications, badly closed processes, slow tablet, constant errors displayed on the screen.

To reset-restore data to factory mode on the iPad mini , in other words, do a Hard-reset, press and hold the power button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds (as seen in the image ), until the Apple logo appears.

If it was useful to you, leave a comment at the bottom of the page, so that other users can see the usefulness of this procedure.

Press the “Lock / Off” and Home “keys

At this point, locate the physical key for locking / switching off the iPad, located at the top right. Press it simultaneously with the central “Home” button, located under the tablet display. Keep both buttons pressed for 10 seconds, ignoring any iPad shutdown option that may appear on the monitor.

At the end of the 10 seconds, the Apple logo will appear on the screen. Releasing the buttons, the logo will become invisible and the tablet will be almost off. Wait another 10 seconds and turn the iPad back on when the monitor goes black. Press and hold the on/off button for at least 3 seconds to completely restart the tablet.

Reset iPad settings

Once the iPad is turned on, reset the tablet settings by going to the “Settings” icon located on the monitor. First press on “General” and then on the “Reset” item located at the bottom of the screen. The selection must fall on the words “Reset all settings.”

The following procedure allows you to solve problems caused by applications or bugs without affecting personal data. Consequently, the photographs and files inside the tablet are completely safe. So here’s how to reset an iPad.

Restore iPad from iOS

Let’s start with the fastest procedure, the one that allows you to restore the iPad directly from iOS without connecting the device to the computer. As mentioned above, before you get to work, you need to back up the data on the tablet. To do this, you can use iCloud, Apple’s cloud service that allows you to store online all the data and applications on iOS devices.

To start a full backup of your iPad, including apps and related data, connect the tablet to a power source, connect it to a wireless network (in this way, you will avoid excessive consumption of battery and data traffic in case you have an iPad with Cellular support) and went to the iOS Settings menu. Then select your name, the items iCloud> iCloud backup, make sure that the lever relating to the iCloud Backup function is set to ON (otherwise activate it yourself) and presses the Back up now button to start the backup on iCloud.

If you are using a version of iOS before 10.3, to adjust the iPad backup settings, go to the Settings> iCloud> Backup menu and proceed as explained above.

The photos and videos on the iPad are automatically saved in the iCloud backup ( more info here ). I advise you to use the iCloud Photo Library: it is an additional service that allows you to archive permanently to automatically synchronize your photos and videos on all devices. It’s free, but to use it, you need to subscribe to an iCloud paid plan. To learn more, check out my tutorial on how to store photos on iCloud.

For music

My advice is to activate the iCloud Music Library service, perhaps combining it with an Apple Music subscription, to keep the music in sync across all your devices. You can activate Apple Music ($ 9.99 / month after the first three months of a free trial) and iCloud Music Library from the Music app on your iPad or the Settings> Music menu on iOS.

If you don’t want to spend money, you can save photos, videos and music the “old way,” i.e., by connecting the iPad to the computer and transferring it. I’ve explained how to do it in my tutorials on how to connect iPad to PC.

Once all the backup operations are finished, you can take action to restore your tablet and restore it to the factory state. To do this, go to the iOS Settings (the gear icon on the home screen), select the General item from the menu that opens and move first to Restore and then to Initialize content and settings.

Then type in the unlock code of your iPad, confirm your desire to restore the device by pressing the Initialize button and wait patiently for the tablet to be restored to its factory state.

At the end of the reset, the iPad will restart and the initial iOS configuration procedure will start. Follow the procedure during which you can decide whether to configure the tablet as a new iPad or restore your previous backup from iCloud.

How to hide whatsapp access? Follow theses step by step guideline

Sometimes it happens to argue with some of our telephone contacts, perhaps with a friend, family member, or partner. But even more often, it happens to enter a period in which we simply do not want to let everyone know everything about ourselves, and maybe we want to take a break. Thanks to Whatsapp’s features, everyone is free to protect their privacy in the way they see fit. In this guide, we will find out how to hide WhatsApp last login access.

How to hide WhatsApp access

We are talking about the possibility of making a date and time of our last access to Whatsapp invisible to the eyes of our contacts (or only those whose number we do not have). By activating this function, in the green bar at the top, once our chat is open, the contact can only view the name he has stored in the address book. In this way, we can manage at will what we want or do not want to show others. Thus protecting our privacy.

Hide WhatsApp login on Android

For those with an Android smartphone/tablet, the procedure is as follows.

  • We open the Whatsapp application (from the home screen or the applications menu), then select the options menu that we find at the top right of the chat screen, symbolized by three dots.
  • Now we touch the “Settings” and then “Accounts.” We select “Privacy” and then “Last Access.”
  • A menu with three options will open: “Everyone” is the one that shows access to anyone who has our number; “My contacts” show it only to people whose number we have stored on the phone (so all our Whatsapp contacts). “Nobody” hides it from anyone who has our number.
  • By choosing the second option, our access will only be visible to our Whatsapp contacts. By selecting “None,” access will be hidden from all contacts who will open our chat.

Hide WhatsApp login on iOS

For iPhone or iPad owners, the procedure is very similar. After starting the Whatsapp application, let’s go to the chat screen settings, which are located at the bottom right and are marked with a gear icon. Then select “Account” and then “Privacy” and “Last access.” We choose the option “None,” and we will have finished. Now the contacts will see in the white bar at the top of our chat only our name.

Block a WhatsApp contact

This simple operation is by no means final or binding in any way. If we want to share our last login with our contacts again, we are free to do so. Just do the same procedure but select “All” instead of the other options. In this way, our access will be visible again. We decide on our privacy.

In the case of other problems, Whatsapp also can block one or more contacts to protect its users. To do this, go to the chat of the person concerned, select the three dots at the top right, then “Other,” and finally “Block.”

The blocked contact, in addition to no longer seeing whether we are online or not, will no longer be able to see our last access or send us messages or even call us / video call us.

It is useful to carry out this operation in the case of one or two people to whom we do not want to show our access and with whom we do not wish to have anything to do with. This operation is also reversible. In fact, it is enough to unblock the contact from the list in the previous “Privacy” menu or directly from his chat.

It is interesting to note that in addition to hiding the last access, all these features of Whatsapp also make it possible to make invisible the moment we are “online” on the application.

Hide WhatsApp online activity

The first method we can use consists of activating the offline mode present in all mobile smartphone devices. Once we have positioned ourselves in this state, we will read the messages without being seen and use the App without being online and visible to all. After offline use of WhatsApp, we can reactivate the online function at any time.

Block unwanted contacts

The second method allows us to block unwanted contacts. Although it is an extreme solution, it is certainly very effective since it prevents us from showing the time of our last access and the profile photo and updates. To obtain this result, you must act in sequence by entering the Settings, then Account and Privacy.

Turn off the time and date display

Disabling the display of time and date is another valid method to appear offline on WhatsApp. However, it should be emphasized that we will not even be able to see the date and time corresponding to the last access by doing so. This function can be disabled only for users who are present in our contacts or for none.

Make your profile picture invisible

A method that is also functional to act offline on WhatsApp is to make our profile image invisible; in fact, we can independently decide whether to extend it to everyone or only to those who are not welcome on our application. Also, the various sequential steps or Settings, Accounts and Privacy allow us to optimize the result.

We can also recommend this option to our friends and those who don’t know it and maybe need it. We always decide our privacy, so don’t let yourself be influenced by what others might think.

How to make a bucket in Minecraft

Video games have become more than just games. Currently, entire communities have been created, which follow the most popular games. This thanks to the connectivity we currently have with the world around us.

There are many games that we can find available online, each of these with unique characteristics that make them special among the others. Only the most original and best-structured games are the ones that achieve success compared to those that do not.

To our advantage, we can have games in a wide range of categories, this means that there are games for all tastes. One of the most famous categories is action-adventure games.

This includes the multiplayer option, which is very popular with users of all games. With this option, players can connect in real-time regardless of distance and live unique experiences.

What is a bucket for in Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most famous video games in the world, currently, it has more than 112 million players worldwide. It was officially presented in 2009, it is currently available for multiple platforms.

Its popularity is such that it currently has a whole community of players who connect with each other to share their experiences with the game. As the years go by, Minecraft does not lose popularity, this is due to the many updates that the developers implement in the game interface.

Minecraft is characterized by presenting very basic graphics, but don’t be fooled by this, the connection you have with the world that is presented is very broad. As well as, the interaction with various materials with which you can build wonderful things.

Apart from this, it is possible to combine several materials to get objects that will be of great help throughout the game. This is known as Crafting, one of the most basic but essential items in the iron cube game.

This is an object that will be of great help to store those materials that are liquid, such as the case of water. In the same way, lava can be stored, which we can use whenever we want.

As we know one of the most important things in the game is to conserve our life or to stay with the energy bar at the top. With this bucket, we can milk the cows and store the milk and then drink it and recover a little energy.

In this article, we will learn in a simple way which are the steps that we must follow to craft an iron cube in the game Minecraft.

Steps to make an iron bucket, bucket, or bucket in Minecraft

Before creating the iron cube we must be clear that we will need a material, which will be essential to be able to Craft the cube. This material is iron and we will get it in the iron mines.

Once we have the iron we must create iron ingots, with these ingots we will craft the iron cube. Once we have the ingots we must open the materials menu in Minecraft.

There, we will observe the materials that we have available, we must look for the iron ingots and select three ingots, we will drag them to the lower boxes. Next, we must open the work table, we will use it to create the cube.

At the top we will see nine boxes located in the shape of a square, we must take the three ingots from the bottom and take them to these boxes. We will place an ingot in the second box going down to the left.

We will strain the second ingot into the middlebox, located in the bottom row. Finally, we must locate the third ingot. This we will place in the second box going down from the right column, ready in the right box we will observe the cube.


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