Darin lining and sewer blockages

A clogged sewer can lead to major issues, including blocked drains throughout your home. It could even leave water with nowhere to go, causing it to back up through your drains or flooring. There are some simple steps you can take around the home to prevent a sewer blockage.

Avoid putting the wrong things down the drains

There are certain things you should never put down the drains in your home. Fat, grease and oil are one of the main causes of blocked drains. Collect any cooking fat in a container to throw it away rather than putting it down the drain. Try to wipe any leftover grease from plates with kitchen paper and ensure cooking utensils and crockery have been thoroughly scraped before washing. A strainer in your plughole can help to prevent unsuitable items entering your drain too. In the bathroom, it is important not to flush anything other than toilet paper. Figures show at least 11 billion wet wipes are used in the UK each year and incorrect disposal costs water companies Ł100 million Hair is another common cause of blockages. Try to prevent hair from getting down the drain by using a suitable bath or shower plughole stopper.

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How to deal with a sewer blockage

Look out for the early warning signs of a blocked drain or sewer, including poor drainage, a bad odour, pools of water in the shower and damp and mould. A sewer inspection, usually carried out using specialist CCTV equipment, can identify the cause of a problem, as well as any other issues which could arise in the future. Regular drain cleaning will also help to keep the system in great working order.

If there is a problem with your drains, it may not always be that a replacement is needed. Drain lining can be a more cost-effective solution to tackle the problem. If you are searching for ‘drain lining Oldbury’, for example, then always be sure to employ the services of qualified experts, such as www.wilkinson-env.co.uk/sewer-repairs-drain-lining-concrete-cutting/drain-repairs/drain-repairs-oldbury. Drain lining involves lining your pipes with reinforced materials, eliminating the need for excavation and full replacement. Patch drain lining is another option.

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It is important to keep a close eye on drains and sewers and to tackle blockages as soon as they happen. Blockages in a sewer can cause problems not only in your property but for neighbouring properties too.