Buying your First Caravan

If you have decided that a caravan is what you need in order to have the holidays that you want, then firstly you need to look into buying and owning a caravan. It is great having the freedom to simply attach your caravan to your car and head off on holiday, and there are many reasons why people prefer to do this, from the reduced cost of holidays to not having to risk catching bedbugs from a hotel!

First off you need to make sure that you have a car that is capable of towing a caravan. You can look it up online or in the manual for your car, and it will tell you how much weight your car is able to safely tow. For some people this might mean getting a new car if yours is not able to tow much.

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Another thing to consider is storage and maintenance. If you have a large enough space to keep your caravan when you are not using it then this is fine, but if you don’t then you will need to find somewhere that is suitable to store it. Also be aware of how to maintain it – some things you can do yourself and you can order trailer parts online from places like Auto and Trailer, but some jobs require an expert!

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It is a good idea to look at lots of different makes and models of caravans to get an idea about the interior layout and the various facilities that are possible. Getting to know what is out there before you buy helps you to choose something that is suited to your needs.