10 free apps that teaches you something new

Ever wandered into the app or playstore but can’t find anything that interest you? Wanting to find an app to kill time or learn something new but don’t know where to look under? Be lost no more as here are 10 different free apps that give you something new to take away from!

The Trading Game (Free iOS and Android)

Looking for a way to grow your wealth? Finding an app which can teach you all about the financial market? This is the app for you! The Trading Game which has a real time forex simulator and also many incredible lessons which teaches and prepares you for the harsh world of trading. Learning has never been so fun and easy and what’s more it is totally free with no advertisements to hinder your learning! Expert advice and tips, many quizzes to enhance your knowledge and even a global leaderboard to bring out some competitiveness in you, there is nothing more you can ask for in one app. Start trading today and you might be well on your way to become the next Warren Buffet!

TED (Free iOS and Android)

Always having deep thoughts? Love thinking about life and the big world that we live in? Then TED is the application perfect for you. They have been running for 30 years and they provide access to their entire video library which has a vast amount of ideas and information about understanding about the world we live in. It’s available in over 90 languages so nothing will stop anyone from having a deeper connection with life around us. The videos can be also filtered according to different elements. If you are finding something to humour yourself just search funny and content that brings laughter to everyone will appear. Finding something new and amazing you could search for jaw-dropping and get ready to be surprised!

Health IQ (Free, iOS and Android)

For those health conscious people out there, this app provides with what you need to keep your health on track. Health IQ is filled with information and details which focuses on health education. This allows you to make the best decisions whether it is exercise routine or diet so as to keep your body in the best state as possible. Quizzes are available to you to increase your knowledge about healthy living and you will find is so relevant and interesting. Everybody should have eaten carrots before but did you know that the purple ones contain the most antioxidants? Find out more interesting facts when you explore Health IQ. Moreover, all the contents of Health IQ have been approved by medical and health experts so it is perfectly safe.

Duolingo (Free, iOS, Android)

Going on a holiday to a foreign land or just wanting to brush up on a new language, Duolingo helps you in the best way possible to get acquainted with a new language fast. It’s all within those short and simple lessons with pictures and speech all included to enhance learning. 34 hours of learning at Duolingo is similar to 11 weeks or a semester worth of a language course at a university. With efficiency like this, universities might want to adapt this app as well. Preparing to visit the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa? This app has got you covered!

1600 (Free iOS, Android)

Curious about what lies within the White House but don’t have the means for a holiday tour there? 1600 allows you to have a tour of the White House without being physically present there. All you need will be a US dollar to activate the app. Lie the dollar bill on a flat surface and shoot your mobile device’s camera towards George Washington and watch as a replica of the White House mysterious appears before your very eyes. You will be able to explore the whole building and also enjoy events such as Egg Rolling on the lawn with the First Lady and also have a shot of being the president and calling the shots!

Coursera (Free iOS, Android)

Coursera is a fantasy world for those who love going to school, studying and learning more stuff! With over 1000 courses from maths, science and even technological related modules, learning is limitless! Classes are made up of lectures, reading assignments and also videos to help make learning as easy as possible. A completion of a certain course will earn you a certificate. While some of the courses are free, there are many which you still have to pay for. After all, we wouldn’t need to go to school anymore if everything on Coursera was freely accessible. Definitely still worth the money if you intend to take up a course which requires payment.

Khan Academy (Free iOS, Android)

Khan Academy is similar to the app before but it is absolutely free. The subjects they have are more traditional like maths and science. There are over 10000 videos to go along with their courses and this platform is excellent for polishing up on your fundamentals and improving on your concepts. One of the better learning apps for those who do not want to fork out a single cent!

Udacity (Free iOS, Android)

This platform is more for IT savvy or IT interested people to explore. It brings in big companies such as Facebook and Google onto your phone. Courses are available for HTML, Javascript and many more. With various levels of difficulties to conquer, this app will make the geek in you squeak! Quizzes are included to enhance learning after completing class lectures or courses. Udacity brings experts from tech giants like Facebook and Google to your phone.

HowStuffWorks (Free, iOS and Android)

This app does exactly as its title states. It’s all about learning how stuff works! There is a vast array of topics for your enjoyment and learning. From the inventors of the internet to even the princes of France, almost everything can be explained in this app. Take up quizzes or listen to podcasts and even watch shows to find out yes you got it, how stuff works!

Curiosity (Free iOS and Android)

Curiosity is indeed for the curious. With interesting and awesome facts delivered to you daily, your thirst for knowing more stuff will indeed be quenched. Everything new you can know is all easily available on this app. With facts hand-picked by their editors everyday, you will look forward to each and everyday after you download this app!