PlayStation VR, virtual reality must show more

This has been the year in which virtual reality finally begins to be in our lives. Both Rift Oculus as HTC Vive are the main references of a segment in which gradually have appeared other options, and in a few days will finally on sale expected PlayStation VR, a virtual reality system for PS4.

Sony’s proposal comes with interesting details, and we have already spent a few hours with a device that is located right in the middle of the experiences offered by – Cardboard, Gear VR basic devices and those who want to immerse ourselves in virtual worlds so much more ambitious (Rift, Vive). Now, is this proposal convincing enough?

A seamless design

The first thing that stands out from the PS VR is its design: is impeccable, and in that format should be noted that the blue lights that appear when using these glasses have not been put there in an aesthetic issue. They help PS4 camera follows the movement of the head. The construction of the glasses is very good and has useful adjustment mechanisms to the head. Also not especially heavy or “overwhelming”. Continue Reading