The console cycle model is dead and never coming back

The current model of the console cycle, that for which a model appears and in a handful of years (eight in the last jump) can expect that this configuration will remain constant, has died. What Microsoft has certified with the Project Scorpio, he anticipated days before when Sony confirmed the Neo project. In addition, for other reasons, the first to be consummating Nintendo with NX.

The whys of rotation of the industry’s can search the phenomenal storm hovering over the video game market – or even better, on the market of entertainment that video games are one more element – the convergence time explosion of virtual reality, 4K, e-sports and mobile platforms approach to quality console games.

Moreover, not least, by the interest in capturing one of the technology user profiles fondest by brands today: the gamer able to spend more than 2000 dollars in its video games.

How “we will not leave any player behind”

The stability of each generation consoles tranquility offered two critical communities for manufacturers: firstly to customers who could buy with the assurance that they would model for a long time; other developers who obtained a mass audience with a predictable and simple configuration. Continue Reading