Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis, a small and expensive breath of fresh air

Many who have followed the evolution of the electronic market we are cured to new products. Little competed, with just two or three major players, the absence of disrupting innovations has caused the e – book suffers from an enhanced that of the tablets syndrome version: even more, their owners are very few reasons to renew them unless lost or break yours.

Moreover, what many people go around asking it is whether it makes sense to buy back an electronic book reader for reading and bet on paper and mobile or tablet, simplifying your life with a device unless they carry?

So when reached Kindle Oasis with its asymmetrical design, small size, and touch screen but with physical buttons and much higher price than Amazon has accustomed us, we have asked yourself is what I needed category to return to speak of it as an innovative space where remarkable devices are created? Let’s see.

The design for reading

A force to be honest, one cannot find a better way to make an analysis of an electronic book reader to tell the experience: how it is to read with him.

With the Kindle Oasis, however, the design choices that made Amazon do make sense at the time to stop before you start turning pages.

Which puts Oasis as a rupturista reader Kindle line is its commitment to asymmetry, a rarity in the world design playing the against everything, that neurobiology preaches our taste for beauty: the human being is the harmony and beauty in the symmetrical. Continue Reading