Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence prepares to predict what will happen next by creating videos of the future

It is true that we reached a point where artificial intelligence is making characteristics that might seem fictitious or even futuristic, but this serves to be measuring their abilities and possibilities, leaving some classic joke ‘Skynet’ could Serve in applications within our daily life.

Today MIT through its Laboratory of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (CSAIL) Science is presenting a new project, that makes an algorithm – based deep learning is able to predict the future, come on, it’s just a rudimentary form of trying to guess What will happen next in a scene, but it is certainly very attractive. Continue Reading

Artificial intelligence

Can artificial intelligence go crazy?

As we move forward in the creation of ever more perfect, quick and accurate artificial intelligences ; as they are no longer just lines of code and are gaining emotional depth and humanity; as they are able to feel better, think better and are assuming increasingly significant part of our daily life: there are questions that might seem absurd but before suddenly become relevant.

For example, this. Today, studying us for hundreds of artificial intelligences and learning from us. What if the time comes that we seem too? Could an artificial intelligence (or robot) suffer a mental illness? Continue Reading