What is the reason for not using more voice assistants?


Our smartphones have long been offering the ability to “talk to them” through the wizard’s voice, but although the use of this feature has been extended in recent times, almost never used in a particular scenario: when there are people around.

A study of Creative Strategies reveals that many users do not know or use this option, but among those who use it frequently becomes clear that at the moment what to talk to the phone or smart watch is made especially when no one sees us.

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It is still socially awkward

That report took two different user groups : one of 1,300 people who were regular users of this ability and had taken advantage of the presence of assistants voice from its early versions, and another 500 people using the smartphone normally but they did not know so that side.

For less savvy option was normal that 21% had never used Siri on iOS, 34% had ever used Google Now on Android and 72% had not used Cortana on Windows Phone. For those accustomed to that option, only 2% had not used Siri, and only 4% had not used Google Now (did not achieve significant data for Windows Phone).

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Still use was still limited among the latter: 70% of users of iOS did not benefit Siri too often, while in the case of Android users seemed more convinced by the advantages of Google Now, but still 62 % they claimed not to use it intensively. Now, where that option ** used ** These were the findings?:

  • 39% of users the advantage at home
  • 51% of users the advantage in your car
  • 1.3% of users the advantage at work
  • 6% of users the advantage in public

The conclusion is clear: many people use voice assistants in the car to take advantage of these modes that facilitate hands free to continue using certain features of the smartphone while driving. Here it was surprising that the percentage of users who speak with attendee’s voice in the car, 62% do so with Siri and Google Now 37% despite the privileged position of Google Maps in this segment.

The study results confirmed that many follow the) giving embarrassed to talk to our devices in public. “20% of users stated that they had never used a voice assistant did not because they were uncomfortable talking to their technological devices, especially in public”. It seems that these systems still have a long way to go.