Xiaomi MITU DIY Robot

Xiaomi MITU DIY Robot, is the programmable robot that wants to compete with LEGO

Few segments and families of products where we do not find the Xiaomi brand as the protagonist. One of the most interesting for those who are fond of programmable robots is the range of programmable robots, hand in hand with the MITU DIY family.

The Xiaomi Robot

Once the work desk was chosen for a few days, the Xiaomi robot test was ready to start. As in other analyzes, next to me I had a notebook where I was going to write down the comments, impressions and details that, in the drafting phase, I did not want to forget, as well as the camera to illustrate the review. After that kind of ritual, he touched the unpacking of Xiaomi’s robot, just landed at home after a long trip from China. Continue Reading