Tenda Nova MW3

Tenda Nova MW3: The Economic and Complete WiFi Mesh system

There are several devices on the market to increase the coverage of the WiFi signal, but those equipped with WiFi Mesh technology certainly have an edge. Tenda Nova MW3 is a dual band WiFi system, equipped with three satellites capable of guaranteeing signal coverage of up to 300 m2. The installation of the device is very simple and allows to have a single SSID with a stable and constant connection throughout the house, avoiding the interruption points from one transmitter to another. Read our review to find out all about Nova MW3 Tent. Continue Reading

WiFi network

Why and how to change the name and password of your home WiFi network

Your router is the main gateway to your home network, and also to all the devices you have connected to it. Someone able to access it cannot only take advantage of your connection, in case it is someone with enough knowledge could have the keys to access the devices you have connected to it.

That is why it is highly recommended to change the name and password of your home WiFi network. Conforming to the default settings is one of the most common mistakes that users make, so today we will explain in a simple way how and why you have to change these parameters. Continue Reading


The machine learning could help you connect much faster to WiFi

In a WiFi connection one usually takes into account connection speed and coverage, but there are also other factors that help in a good user experience, and between them is the time it takes to connect to these networks.

A group of researchers at Tsinghua University have conducted a study in which they come to surprising conclusions about how badly logins fail, but point to a drastic solution: it would be much better if we made use of an automatic learning system (Or machine learning ) to optimize the process of selecting the access point and connection. Continue Reading

4K security camera

Security cameras become premium: 4K recording with low light, WiFi and more

If something is good at Sony are the cameras and sensors, whenever the company announces one of them, all manufacturers start making plans to add them in their projects. Within the photographic segment, Sony has a wide range of devices for all types of disciplines, uses and users, which sometimes do not receive the same attention as commercial products to the end user, unless it be something spectacular like this case. Continue Reading