Acer Predator 17 X

Acer Predator 17 X, the GTX980 squeezed into a shiny laptop

One of the most important developments last year in graphics cards for notebooks was the announcement that the GTX 980 would with full power to these teams by reducing their consumption. The presentation of the new Pascal cards this summer has left a second to laptops that are still sold with it, when in reality it is a very interesting card for any player.

Among the teams that are currently on the market with the GTX 980 is the Predator 17 X Acer, which also includes other features that make it ideal for games or to work, as the IPS screen or a powerful processor.

Features and design

Acer has tried to create a laptop that is attractive to the audience it is intended, and it has used a matte plastic chassis with the logo of the Predator series at the top, which combines with various tops in red. It is a bulky computer, with a thickness of 45 mm, 424 mm wide and 322 mm deep, similar to other powerful laptops to be able to cool them properly. It is something bigger and heavier than its predecessor Predator 17, but in return is quieter, although weighs 4.55 kg. Continue Reading