Lenovo attacks gaming market with its Legion Y720 and Y520

Lenovo Legion

Nothing, Lenovo goes free and make associations will not see – they talked about Razer – with other brands to get into the world of hard – nosed player. The Chinese firm has determined that this way you can make one, simply had to create a parallel brand called Legion.

The type of product you can already know quickly with the images, computers very flashy – too often – to the taste that is supposed to have users ‘gaming’. I still think that most would be happy with good specifications and a conventional or discrete design, but this is the path taken by Acer, Alienware (Dell) or ASUS, and they seem to not go bad as well.

Lenovo Legion
Image Source: Google Image

Lenovo wants to assault this market with a clear difference, that does not hurt so much in the pocket of buyers. Not that they are cheap products, but clearly they are at a price level lower than what we are seeing in this new batch of gaming laptops.

The offer starts with two teams, both with 15.6 – inch screens and a seventh – generation processor Intel, the Kaby Lake Family: respond to the name of Legion Y720 and Y520, and the first is the most powerful of the Offer, let’s get to know them better …

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Legion Y520

This is the least powerful model, for him a graphic is selected Nvidia 1050 GTX, which is the will to do with a screen with Full HD resolution. They tell us that this panel is IPS and has a layer on the screen to end the reflections.

The team is 16GB of RAM and 2TB storage, we must also note that the speakers are signed by Harman and certified as Dolby Audio Premium. Other features to note are its USB-C port, a pair of USB 3.0, HDMI, red backlight, and Ethernet port.

Autonomy? It does not seem to be the most important thing in this type of equipment, Legion / Lenovo says it can take us about four hours with a full charge. Weight? Well it is not its strong, but it is not bad: 2.4 kilos.

Lenovo Legion
Image Source: Google Image

Legion Y720

This is the big model with a quad – core processor Core i7-7700HQ, which is associated with a graphic of a top step, one Nvidia 1060 GTX. Both have to do with the rather more demanding screen resolution 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels).

In this case, the autonomy up to 5 hours of life with a load (60WHr) and speakers are signed by JBL, with Dolby Atmos certification. The USB-C port masks a Thunderbolt and the keyboard backlight is RGB. The rest of the data are similar to those of your presentation partner.

Legion already has price and date

Not too much to count on its possible appearance, but we can anticipate what’s going on across the pond: in the United States these two teams appear in April, and they do it quite interesting prices: $900 for the Y520, $1400 dollars for the Y720.

Okay, they are not a gift, but considering the price at which these types of equipment move, with these screens and graphics, we can say that they enter the arena in a very competitive way.