Heyday Earbuds: A Stylish and Affordable Option for Everyday Listening

Heyday Earbuds: A Stylish and Affordable Option for Everyday Listening

In the era of wireless audio, the market is flooded with a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a pair of earbuds. The choices can be overwhelming, from high-end models catering to audiophiles to cheap knock-offs that often disappoint. However, Heyday earbuds stand out by striking the perfect balance between style, sound quality, and affordability. With their sleek design, impressive audio performance, and reasonable pricing, Heyday earbuds offer a brilliant listening experience that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

An Earbud Designed for Real Life

Heyday earbuds were created by Target with a simple but important idea in mind – earbuds should fit seamlessly into your everyday life. That meant designing them to be comfortable, durable, easy to use, and great-sounding.

To achieve this goal, Heyday collaborated with leading audio engineers to develop earbuds that produce crisp, dynamic sound using custom-designed drivers. They also partnered with one of the top manufacturers of in-ear monitors used by professional musicians to ensure superior comfort and noise isolation. The result is a thoughtfully designed earbud that delivers audio performance you’d expect from more expensive models.

An Earbud Designed for Real Life

But Heyday earbuds aren’t just about impressive tech specs. Their design is aimed at enhancing real-world usability. Their unique shape provides a secure and comfortable fit for all-day wear. The angled nozzles conform naturally to the ear canal. And with three sizes of silicone eartips included, it’s easy to get a tight seal to optimize sound quality and block external noise.

Despite their compact size, Heyday earbuds still manage to integrate intuitively placed controls. Capacitive touch sensors allow for tapping to control music playback and phone calls. And the addition of cVc 8.0 noise cancellation in the microphone ensures your voice sounds crisp on the other end.

Through practical design choices like these, Heyday earbuds deliver an exceptional listening experience whether you’re working out at the gym, commuting to work, or just relaxing at home.

Impressive Sound Quality That Defies Expectations

Great sound quality is the most important feature for any earbuds. You want audio that immerses you and makes your music come alive, not fall flat. This is an area where Heyday earbuds shine.

Each earbud contains an impressive 10mm dynamic driver. These drivers are tuned by audio engineers to deliver sparkling highs, punchy bass, and accurate midrange reproduction. You’ll be amazed at the crisp details and spacious stereo imaging you can hear.

No matter what genres of music you listen to, Heyday earbuds bring out nuances in your favorite tunes you may not have noticed before. The sound signature is fun and energetic yet natural. And there’s no artificial boosting of bass, which can muddy up the sound.

Vocals come through with clarity, letting you hear the emotion in the singer’s voice. Acoustic instruments have a richness and warmth that feels like you’re at a live show. Even when cranking up the volume, the sound retains its composure without distortion or harshness.

Beyond music, Heyday earbuds also excel at reproducing audio for videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and phone calls. The sound is well-balanced across frequencies to deliver dialogue and details with crispness. And Bluetooth 5.2 provides a rock-solid wireless connection to your device that syncs audio and video perfectly.

Considering their affordable price point, the immersive sound quality of Heyday earbuds punches well above its weight. You’d have to spend considerably more to get a noticeable upgrade in audio performance.

Smart Features That Enhance Convenience

Heyday earbuds integrate some smart features that add to their convenience and usability. Although they keep controls straightforward with just a few basic functions, these thoughtful touches enhance the experience:

  • Hands-free access to phone’s voice assistant: With Heyday earbuds paired to your smartphone, you can invoke Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby or other AI helpers by tapping and holding an earbud. This allows you to make calls, set reminders, queue up music, and more totally hands-free.
  • Magnetic auto pause/resume: The earbuds have built-in magnets that allow you to clip them together around your neck when not in use. This will automatically pause your audio. Separating them again seamlessly resumes playback where you left off.
  • Prompt power on/off: Removing Heyday earbuds from the charging case will instantly power them on and connect to your device. Putting them back initiates power off. This smart activation eliminates the need to fumble with buttons.
  • Firmware update capability: Heyday earbuds can download firmware updates pushed out by the manufacturer to add new features and functionality over time. This future-proofs your investment.
  • IPX4 sweat/water resistance: With their IPX4 rating, Heyday earbuds can withstand splashes of water and sweat. So you can wear them without worry during workouts or light rain. Just don’t submerge them fully in water.

These convenient features make Heyday earbuds a pleasure to use. Whether summoning Siri to change playlists or pausing audio when temporarily removing an earbud, everything works smoothly.

A Stylish Design That Looks as Great as It Sounds

A Stylish Design That Looks as Great as It Sounds

Let’s face it – if earbuds don’t look good, you probably won’t want to wear them. The Heyday design team addressed this with a subtle, minimalist aesthetic that flatters a wide range of styles.

The earbud housing has an elegant, elongated pill shape. Glossy finishes like black and white give them a classy and understated look. More vibrant colors like blue and pink offer bolder options while still retaining a clean profile.

Details like the chamfered edges and aluminum accents offer just a touch of flair. And the angled nozzles provide a barely-there profile when viewing the earbuds from the front.

When paired with the compact charging case, the Heyday earbuds have the sleek aesthetics of premium true wireless models at a fraction of the cost. The case’s smooth pebble shape easily slips into a pocket. And LEDs on the front display charging status and pairing mode.

Compared to many competing value earbuds, the Heyday design looks refined rather than clunky. They may not carry flashy branding, but their low-key style allows them to pair well with any outfit or accessory. For those seeking earbuds that look as great as they sound, Heyday checks both boxes.

All-Day Battery Life You Can Count On

One downside of compact true wireless earbuds is battery life typically takes a hit compared to larger over-ear headphones. But the Heyday earbuds optimize power management to deliver battery performance that goes the distance.

On a full charge, the earbuds provide 5 hours of continuous playback. For comparison, that’s an hour more than the standard AirPods. The charging case carries an additional 15 hours of battery, for up to 20 hours total including the earbud charge.

In real-world use, expect to get a few days of normal listening before needing to recharge the case. The USB-C port enables quick charging – just 10 minutes in the case provides an hour of listening time. And the case’s LEDs indicate when power is getting low.

The long-lasting battery ensures you can get through your day without worrying about losing power. Whether you’re listening during your whole workday, taking a long flight, or getting in multiple workouts, the Heyday earbuds won’t leave you stranded.

And thanks to Bluetooth multipoint support, the earbuds can maintain connections to two devices simultaneously. So you can seamlessly switch listening between your phone and tablet without having to manually re-pair each time.

With impressive battery life and great power management, Heyday earbuds deliver the untethered convenience that makes true wireless so liberating.

Durable Construction Built for Real Life

Let’s face it, earbuds take a beating. They get tossed in bags, fall off nightstands, and suffer through workouts. Cheaply made earbuds break easily under the stresses of everyday use. Not Heyday.

The Heyday earbuds feature an IPX4 water and sweat resistance rating, meaning they can withstand splashes and moisture. Their internal components are protected within a seamless, molded exterior that prevents dust and debris from getting inside.

The sleek charging case is made of durable ABS plastic that can handle getting knocked around in your bag. It stays closed securely thanks to strong magnets lined up precisely to hold the earbuds and lid in place.

Throughout the product development process, Heyday put their earbuds through extensive real-world testing. The comfort, controls, wireless connectivity, and resilience were refined based on feedback from testers using early prototypes.

This commitment to design, testing, and material quality ensures the Heyday earbuds will hold up through years of regular use. Even with rough treatment now and then, they’ll still deliver their signature sound and reliable performance.

For maximum peace of mind, Heyday earbuds come with a 1-year warranty. So you’re covered in the unlikely event you do encounter an issue caused by defects. Considering their affordable price, this well-constructed earbud delivers durability that exceeds expectations.

An Exceptional Value That’s Easy on Your Wallet

At their core, Heyday earbuds deliver virtually everything you could ask for in a solid pair of true wireless earbuds. Their well-balanced, precise sound beats more expensive models. Thoughtful design enhances their real-world functionality and aesthetics. And smart features like touch controls and auto pause make them a pleasure to use.

Now consider their price – just $39.99. That makes Heyday earbuds quite possibly the best value on the mainstream earbud market.

For the same money as a tank of gas, you get earbuds that rival luxury brands in their performance and quality. And unlike most discounted earbuds, there are no major caveats like poor construction or subpar materials.

Of course, $200+ premium earbuds do offer advantages for those chasing the absolute best sound. But for everyday listeners, Heyday delivers 80-90% of that experience for a fraction of the investment.

Much of their value stems from Heyday’s partnership with Target. By teaming up with Target’s product supply and distribution network, Heyday keeps costs low. And as an exclusive Target brand, they avoid expensive marketing and can pass the savings on to you.

For shoppers looking for great earbuds without blowing their budget, Heyday is an obvious choice. Their combination of quality, features and value creates an experience that exceeds expectations. Heyday earbuds punch well above their weight class, making them a budget-friendly powerhouse.

Heyday Earbuds – The Key Takeaways

  • Carefully engineered by audio pros to deliver crisp, dynamic sound
  • Thoughtful ergonomic design provides a secure, comfortable fit
  • Smart features like auto pause/resume and hands-free access to voice assistants
  • Impressive 20-hour total battery life from the earbuds and charging case
  • Durable construction with sweat resistance designed for daily use
  • Stylish, minimalist aesthetics that pair well with any look
  • Remarkable performance and quality rivaling earbuds costing 2-3x as much
  • An outstanding value at just $39.99 exclusive for Target shoppers

For those seeking great earbuds without stretching their budget, Heyday delivers. With sound, features and convenience rivaling luxury brands, they make an exceptional choice for everyday listening on the go. Considering their quality and price, Heyday earbuds stand out as a smart purchase that exceeds expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors do Heyday earbuds come in?

Heyday earbuds are currently available in four color options: Black, White, Light Blue, and Light Pink. The colors have a sleek matte finish.

How do you control music playback and volume on Heyday earbuds?

Each earbud has a capacitive touch control. Tapping the left earbud decreases volume and tapping the right increases volume. Tapping either side can play/pause music or answer/end calls.

Do the Heyday earbuds support wireless charging?

No, the Heyday earbuds case uses a USB-C port for wired charging instead of wireless charging support. But the case battery provides an additional 15 hours on top of the 5 hours in the earbuds.

Can two people listen to audio from one source using Heyday earbuds?

Unfortunately no. The Heyday earbuds can only be used by one person listening at a time, unlike models that support audio sharing between two paired earbuds.

Do the Heyday earbuds allow you to use just one earbud at a time if desired?

Yes, the Heyday earbuds support mono mode. Either the left or right earbud can be used independently while leaving the other in the charging case. Tapping an earbud will automatically enter mono mode.


With impressive audio performance, thoughtful design, and smart features, Heyday earbuds deliver an amazing listening experience considering their ultra-affordable $39.99 price point. Their combination of quality, convenience, style, and value make these Heyday earbuds from Target stand out as a top choice for anyone seeking great everyday earbuds without breaking the bank. If you’re looking to upgrade your audio without spending a fortune, Heyday earbuds deserve serious consideration, especially when considering how to play Apple Music on Google Home for a seamless and immersive listening experience.