Send bulk SMS online

Send bulk SMS online

Bulk SMS just alludes to the office that empowers the procedure of sending various instant messages from various sources to cellular phones of various supporters. This office is being given by a mobile promoting organization that leads a service to send bulk SMS online. What makes the office intriguing is its adaptability—the organization can use the portal to perceive media stages like sites, applications, email servers, and different projects so that these stages can send bulk SMS messages naturally to their objective beneficiaries. Continue Reading

Xperia Phone Sells Report

7.6 million Xperia phones were sold, increasingly weigh less in the accounts of Sony

The financial results we showed a sober Sony, getting minimal benefits in some of its major departments, at least historically, as the Japanese company is balancing good forces to remain a healthy company in the market. Today we can tell you more about the department in charge of Xperia.

In the three-month period ending in December 2015, they have sold 7.6 million phones. If they are many, few or is it okay, it is easy to check to see the sales history of the last few quarters: do not share grows, fewer units sold. For now say that is a lower number than expected in the most modest expectations. Continue Reading

HBO Stream

The war against the television networks Netflix and other streaming platforms

A few years ago, if you wanted to see an international series premiere did not have too many options. Offered few channels open and when they did, it was common that the chain decided to relegate the morning for lack of audience (who followed you write ‘Angel’ and ’24’ in the early hours of Antena 3 in his day). That was until the pay channels began to settle, as FOX, AXN and Calle 13, who started betting to issue some exclusive content.

The picture has since changed. Yes, open chains seem to have given up this series but there’s only pay-TV channels fighting for the same content, but has entered a third stage: streaming platforms. The same situation is being experienced worldwide and not only with Netflix, but with other services like Amazon or HBO entering the fight for the content. Continue Reading


How long have you being the worst possible password 123456 and why never get delete it?

We’ve done it again. According to the list of the worst passwords of 2015 recently published by the developer of security software Splashdata, we have repositioned “123456” at number 1 of the most used passwords in a collected from more than two million list passwords.

At first glance makes you want to take the list to laugh, because I really cannot believe that at this point there are still people using “123456” or “password” as a password to protect important things like email or online access to the bank. But if we look Splashdata reports from other years and analyze a bit the trend, we see the issue is quite serious. Continue Reading