Problems that you Might Experience with your Ears

Our ears help us to experience and enjoy the world, but they can also have problems of their own – here are some ear problems that many people experience…

Labyrinthitis – This is an ear infection which starts when you contract an illness such as a cold or the flu, and then it spreads into the middle ear tubes. It can cause all sorts of issues for the person suffering from it, from balance issues and hearing loss to nausea and impaired vision.

Sometimes this can clear up on its own after a few weeks and other times it can stay much longer. If it is caused by a bacterial infection, antibiotics can be prescribed.

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Ear Wax – Ear wax does an important job inside the ears, helping to keep them clean and also to help protect them. However, many people suffer from ear wax build up and they often find that this can impair their hearing and cause pain inside the ear.

If this is something that you have been experiencing, it is best to search for ear wax removal near me and go to someone like this who will be able to remove the excess wax safely.

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Perforated Ear Drum – This is where a hole is made in the actual ear drum. It can be caused by a foreign object being poked into it, or it can even occur during take off and landing on an aeroplane, as the pressure change can cause this to happen.

It will mostly repair itself, however it is worth seeing a doctor as you are more vulnerable to infections whilst the eardrum heals.