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Microsoft virtual reality
Microsoft has developed a couple of knobs to feel inside the virtual reality
Okay, we already have devices to live experiences of virtual reality, where most are based on what we perceive through sight leaving aside the other [...]
These headphones promise to immerse ourselves in 3D sounds to feel the virtual reality
Ok, we have the ability of being in virtual reality experiences, but in most cases these visual experiences, except in the case of HTC Vive also allows you [...]
Virtual reality of Facebook
Making friends in the virtual reality of Facebook, Samsung and Oculus
We will not be us who give them work priorities to Oculus, but considering that Facebook decided to buy them, it was inevitable that did not end leveraging [...]
Not only glasses, Google prepares an elaborate system of virtual reality, according WSJ
More and more tracks that relate to Google with virtual reality, something that goes beyond their Cardboard, and that it seems that in Mountain View want [...]