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Game Boy
Neither the iPhone nor Moto Z, first to remove the jack was the Game Boy
We saw the Moto Z and we have already seen in some models LeTV, but Apple always manages to give the note traditionally although added (or in this rather [...]
iPhone debut OLED screen and Home button will bid farewell to its tenth anniversary
We do not know the supposed iPhone 7 would be presented during the month of September and already we are getting more rumors of what we see in 2017 for the [...]
7 reasons why the iPhone will triumph
Not rumored has been less striking. The expected iPhone SE represents the return to the four – inch Apple, the only manufacturer that keeps this [...]
Best Games for iPhone and Android
The Best game app for iPhone and Android
Ended the era in which the maximum to a cell phone was a few games offer endless Snake, here, smartphone in hand, with regard to games, there’s [...]