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Considering Law School? Here’s What You Need to Know
Too many people naively decide to go to law school without realizing the level of commitment involved. Whether they already have a doctor of education from [...]
5 of the Best Paying Tech Majors in College
If you’re interested in technology, well, good for you. Technology majors are among some of the highest paid college graduates in today’s [...]
The robots arrive at the cafeterias, and this is able to serve up to 120 cups every hour without a break
Henry Hu is not a great connoisseur of coffee, however, every day consumes about five cups that keep him awake. One day, Hu realized that going to the [...]
The machine learning could help you connect much faster to WiFi
In a WiFi connection one usually takes into account connection speed and coverage, but there are also other factors that help in a good user experience, [...]
Asus Tinkerboard
Asus Tinkerboard tries to compete with Raspberry Pi
Many have tried to compete with Raspberry Pi, and for now no one has managed to snatch that benchmark in the segment of the motion maker. Only Arduino [...]
Intel and its computer on a card wants to make laptops an accessory
Computers have to continue to evolve, it is inevitable that their conventional form factor is disappearing – we prove it in sales – leaving [...]
Five Latest Smartphone That Worth Paying Money
The beginning of a new year has also boosted the process of new cropping of smartphones from the top companies. Samsung, Nokia and Apple are some of the [...]
The smartphone is looking for its next revolution, users are taking longer to change their mobile phone
Is the smartphone facing a stagnant sales phase? That is what IDC data seem to point to, which indicated that the sales estimate for 2016 had grown just [...]
The ultimate comparison of audio in the best smartphones of the moment
The audio is that eternal forgotten, the ugly duckling of technological comparisons and we think it’s an ideal time to listen to what some of the [...]
Dell XPS 27
Dell XPS 27 is the all-in-one computer that wants to win you for your sound system: 10 speakers
Dell has renewed its full range of computers at this CES 2017, we have not only convertibles, 8K monitors and new laptops, there is also room for [...]