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Intel and its computer on a card wants to make laptops an accessory
Computers have to continue to evolve, it is inevitable that their conventional form factor is disappearing – we prove it in sales – leaving [...]
Five Latest Smartphone That Worth Paying Money
The beginning of a new year has also boosted the process of new cropping of smartphones from the top companies. Samsung, Nokia and Apple are some of the [...]
The smartphone is looking for its next revolution, users are taking longer to change their mobile phone
Is the smartphone facing a stagnant sales phase? That is what IDC data seem to point to, which indicated that the sales estimate for 2016 had grown just [...]
The ultimate comparison of audio in the best smartphones of the moment
The audio is that eternal forgotten, the ugly duckling of technological comparisons and we think it’s an ideal time to listen to what some of the [...]
Dell XPS 27
Dell XPS 27 is the all-in-one computer that wants to win you for your sound system: 10 speakers
Dell has renewed its full range of computers at this CES 2017, we have not only convertibles, 8K monitors and new laptops, there is also room for [...]
PC and laptop
Who said smartphone? The CES remains the party of the PC and the laptop
Studies, industry and the new generations seem to tire of telling us that the PC is a concept that no longer makes much sense in today’s world. [...]
Lenovo Legion
Lenovo attacks gaming market with its Legion Y720 and Y520
Nothing, Lenovo goes free and make associations will not see – they talked about Razer – with other brands to get into the world of hard [...]
How to calibrate a mobile’s battery and why you should
Smartphones contain components that are durable over time, such as processors, screens or cameras, but there is a component inside it that degrades over [...]
Asus ZenBook 3 UX390UA
Asus ZenBook 3 UX390UA, design and power to compete with the MacBook
The series of notebooks Asus ZenBook was devised as ultrabooks from the outset, but with the arrival of ZenBook 3 demonstrates that this type of [...]
Lenovo ThinkPad
Lenovo ThinkPad Dress Up Silver: a revamp with Intel Optane, better trackpads, no bloatware
One of the most important catalogs of laptops will be updated shortly, talk about the legendary Lenovo ThinkPad family, once in the hands of IBM. Renewal [...]