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Fossil launches the new Q GEN 4 touchscreen smartwatch

Fossil Q GEN 4
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Fossil is pleased to announce the fourth generation of smartwatch of its Fossil Q GEN 4.

Equipped with various technological features, the new line offers the technological innovation desired by users, enclosed in a sophisticated design and in models that are characteristic of Fossil. Thanks to the wide range of new features, the brand wants to offer customers a complete device, both in terms of functionality and design.

Among the first fashion brands to introduce this level of technology in their collection, Fossil shows users that it is not necessary to sacrifice aesthetics for practicality. With Wear OS by Google technology, the new devices simplify every aspect of everyday life, with features such as heart rate monitoring, NFC, integrated GPS and swimproof construction. Thanks to optimize charging times, one hour of recharge is sufficient throughout the day.

Fossil Q GEN 4

Fossil enters the smartwatch market to satisfy the growing desire for technology contained in an aesthetically curated and customizable design. This new generation is no exception: it is rich in unique design details, and allows complete customization, from the strap to the dial. There are over 36 exclusive and innovative quadrants available, and it is possible to integrate a growing number of third-party apps to their experience with the device, as well as setting photos from social media as backgrounds of the dial. Fossil continues to make smart watches as only the brand can do, with a vintage-inspired approach to modern technology, to offer consumers a watch that can adapt to their unique personality.

These devices, Fossil Q Venture HR and Fossil Q Explorist HR, have extreme versatility to adapt to all times of the day, thanks to additional features incorporated into trendy models. This new generation of smartwatch ushers in a more holistic user experience, with a Fossil model with key features and customization options loved by customers.

Fossil Q GEN 4

Here are the key updates …


Heartbeat monitoring

Heartbeat monitoring has been an important consumer demand, and is top priority for the fourth generation of the Fossil Q line. In addition, Fossil wanted to create exclusive quadrants that would allow users to make manual heart rate readings easily and directly. Whether it’s an outdoor ride or a workout at the gym, you can manually monitor your heartbeat during the exercises recorded with Google Fit.

Fossil Q GEN 4

– Detect the heartbeat manually and monitor it automatically during a heterogeneous range of workouts, using Google Fit

– Heartbeat graphs show progress through a wide variety of workouts and improve physical activity monitoring experience

– Fossil’s exclusive quadrants offer integrated heartbeat monitoring in designs, showing the user their frequency cardiac per minute directly from the quadrant.


The NFC feature allows users to make payments and transactions directly from their device. Only compatible with Google Pay (currently available in selected countries), the NFC feature allows users to avoid withdrawing their payment card every time they need to complete a transaction.

Fossil Q GEN 4

With just a few taps, your card is available on your watch to make payments easily. Security is a value that we obviously take into consideration, so the system requires that users set a unique lock code on their watch, in order to protect identity and data from the possibility of theft.

Integrated GPS

The new integrated GPS functionality allows users to track walks, rides, hikes, bike rides and much more via Google Fit and third-party fitness apps without having to take their phone with them. Your watch will automatically map and track positions and distances during recorded workouts!

Fossil Q GEN 4

The new swimproof feature allows you to monitor swimming workouts, or wear the watch in the pool or in the shower without running the risk of damaging the smartwatch. Users who are ready for a ride or a ride will not have to take the phone with them, they can download music from third-party apps directly on the device.

With this new generation of watches, Fossil brings to the technology its original interpretation, with a look at the fun.

Fossil Q GEN 4

With practical quadrants, social sharing capabilities and endless customization opportunities, this device allows users to create a truly unique and personal watch, to make it their own, “Make it Your Own.” New features, including heartbeat monitoring, NFC and GPS, will offer users a complete all-round solution to monitor all aspects of everyday life, while remaining faithful to the authentic creative spirit of innovative design that inspires Fossil for over 30 years.

Fossil Q GEN 4

Complete features …

  • Stainless steel case (Q Venture HR: 40 mm / Q Explorist HR: 45 mm)
  • Digital touchscreen display
  • Battery life of over 24 hours (depending on use)
  • Interchangeable straps and bracelets (Q Venture HR: 18 mm / Q Explorist HR: 22 mm)
  • Connection via Bluetooth® technology
  • Wireless sync + magnetic charger
  • Compatible with iOS 9.3 and higher or Android 4.4 and higher (Go edition excluded)
  • Sensors: Heartbeat, NFC, GPS, altimeter, accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light, microphone
  • With Wear OS by Google technology
  • Qualcomm 2100 processor

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