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Corsair Scimitar is the mouse for the MMO: 12 programmable buttons and RGB illumination

Corsair Scimitar
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It is called Scimitar RGB and Corsair says this is his best mouse for MMO games, while the most striking in its catalog. For those who are lost we talk about multiplayer video games that have a massive audience

Designed for right – handed, the Scimitar is the first mouse to introduce a sliding side panel in which there is room for 12 programmable buttons – are mechanical keys -. You can move forward or back about 8 millimeters to fit the way each player uses the mouse.

Corsair Scimitar
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Some will sound this mouse, it takes a year between us, but it has had a major upgrade and we would like to introduce the changes, which are mainly based on the use of a captor PixArt PMW3367, which records the movements with much more definition.

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As good accessory for players not miss the colorful design, and with this I am not saying I like it like this – there is something more discreet black version – but it is quite exaggerated with four customizable areas of RGB lighting, which make the Peripheral at a fair.

Corsair Scimitar
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The optical sensor mouse has a definition of 16000 DPI, the taste of professional players – 12,000 recorded the previous model -. The response time is 1 ms. Its parameters are customizable through the application of the house, Corsair Utility Engine (CUE): double leaves make macros, DPI matrices, or touch the lighting.

It is fair to comment that these mice the Corsair designed for people CRE8 DESIGN, industrial designers who play all kinds of gadgets, including vehicles. They can be found easily on sites like Amazon, for about 90 dollars.

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