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NVIDIA, from the video game industry to Deep Learning
The name of NVIDIA will always be linked to the video game industry and graphics. They were responsible for a real revolution: the first GPUs or better [...]
Nokia 1100
Nokia 1100, the best-selling mobile phone in history
Today tends to blind us, and the market has such a short memory does not help to remember great successes of the past unless they triumph with a proper [...]
Factors That Will Determine E-Commerce Success Or Failure
Most of the online revenue generated at the moment comes through selling services and soft goods, like premium memberships and e-books. E-commerce is [...]
BugDrop, the awesome operation that took control of PCs to steal more than 600GB of information
Security company CiberX has just announced the results of an investigation that points to one of the biggest and most sophisticated hacks of the last year. [...]
5 Helpful Tips for Aspiring Computer Science Students
No matter whether you are already a computer science major and want to learn more, or if you are just getting your feet wet in the discipline for the first [...]
Considering Law School? Here’s What You Need to Know
Too many people naively decide to go to law school without realizing the level of commitment involved. Whether they already have a doctor of education from [...]
5 of the Best Paying Tech Majors in College
If you’re interested in technology, well, good for you. Technology majors are among some of the highest paid college graduates in today’s [...]
The robots arrive at the cafeterias, and this is able to serve up to 120 cups every hour without a break
Henry Hu is not a great connoisseur of coffee, however, every day consumes about five cups that keep him awake. One day, Hu realized that going to the [...]
The machine learning could help you connect much faster to WiFi
In a WiFi connection one usually takes into account connection speed and coverage, but there are also other factors that help in a good user experience, [...]
Five Latest Smartphone That Worth Paying Money
The beginning of a new year has also boosted the process of new cropping of smartphones from the top companies. Samsung, Nokia and Apple are some of the [...]