How to delete all photos from google photos

How to delete all photos from google photos

We are going to explain how to empty Google Photos by deleting all the photos that you have uploaded and try to do it quickly enough so that you do not get gray hair and beard while you do it. Unfortunately, Google Photos does not have an option to delete them all, and the experience in doing so is very slow and exasperating.

In short, you have to go one by one, eliminating them all by hand, which can easily take you a long time if you have little skill. What we are going to tell you are some tips to speed up the process, and that even if you have thousands of photos, you can erase them in just 5 or 10 minutes. I already told you that the speed of your computer and connection can be a bit of conditioning, but not much.

But before starting, the first thing is that you deactivate the synchronization of photos of all the devices where you have the application installed. For that, you must enter the application settings and go to the Create backups category. In it, deactivate the backup and synchronization of the photos you have on your device. This way you will avoid that after deleting the photos they are uploaded following others until you activate manually if you want this option.

Tip to delete ALL photos from Google Photos

The first thing you are going to have to do is go to the Google Photos website. Forget about the mobile application, because the process there is going to be much slower. Go to, and log in with the Google account where all the photos are stored.

Once you enter Google Photos, first you have to mark the first photo you have in the service as selected. This is the easy part. Now, what we are going to do is play with the action that if you hold down the shift key. All the photos from the first one to the one you are pointing with the mouse pointer will be selected. But doing it with the normal screen, it is still a slow process.

Therefore, what you have to do now is hold down the Shift key on the keyboard while you roll the mouse wheel down, or press Shift and – until you remove all the zoom you can and that everything is very small. Thus, Google Photos will be loading more photos at once each time you go down the screen.

Well, now the way to proceed is this. You have to go down the Google Photos website waiting for all the photos to load. And when you have several hundred of them, hold down Shift while clicking on the last one. By doing this, you will select them all.

Here, my trick is to press Shift while scrolling down to check that all the photos are still selected. Also, when going down it is important to let the miniatures load. Unfortunately, if you go directly to the last photo, you will not be able to select all of them. Since the service will not have loaded the intermediate ones. And will not know how many there are.

Once you have a lot of photos deselected, press Shift while rolling the mouse wheel up to zoom back to the normal size of the interface. There, click on the trash can button to delete all the photos you have selected. In the dialog where it tells you that all devices will be deleted, click on Move to trash.

As you can see in the screenshot, with this method I have managed to erase more than 10,000 photos in just a few minutes, about three or four times faster than loading them in the normal size of the page. However, keep in mind that the more photos you upload at once. The slower everything will go. So it is better to erase from 2000 to 2000 than to try to erase 20000 at once.

Processing the action of deleting many photos at once may take several minutes in itself. However, you will have accelerated the most important thing, which is the selection of all. Now you can still go back, but if you want to permanently delete all the photos. You only have to empty the Google Photos recycle bin once you have deleted them all so that they disappear forever.

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Creating a website follows a similar principle. Although it is true that some designers just pile in and hope for the best, you need to set out the basic structure of the site before any coding takes place if you want to achieve a relevant and effective website that visitors will enjoy using.

Creating a skeleton site

According to a recent Forbes article, the wireframe serves as the bare bones of your website. This enables you to tailor your content and products in the most intuitive way so that web visitors do not have to struggle to find the information they are looking for.

Web designers refer to this initial development stage as ‘wireframing’. It is a crucial part of the process, particularly for large websites with lots of pages, products and content. It is only by spending a great deal of time and attention on the early stages of the project that you can be certain your finished website will be up to the task.

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Why wireframing matters

Allowing a website to develop as you create it could lead to all sorts of problems, including duplicate content, inconsistent navigation, and an inability for the visitor to find the products or information they are searching for. This is why a good web development team will take time to show you in detail how the wireframing stage will translate to the finished site.

Whether you opt for a WordPress website or employ a Drupal design agency, you will find numerous organisations, such as, that will spend time ensuring your site is created from the bottom up. This will result in an increase in user satisfaction.

Spending time at the wireframing stage of creating an intuitive user interface for your website enables potential problems to be identified, and indeed rectified, at an early stage, saving you time, trouble and money in the long run. Knowing that your website design is based entirely around the needs of the website users ensures complete satisfaction with the finished results.