Smartphone Review

Sony charge wirelessly
Sony’s latest patent looks like science fiction: Transferring power from one mobile to another wirelessly with NFC
R & D departments of technology companies are constantly producing ideas, and the most interesting ones, those in which a company sees that it could [...]
HTC U Ultra
HTC U Ultra, ultra in size and sound, but very fair in everything else
Renew or die, or at least not grab the attention of the technological media. Perhaps that was the idea of HTC in 2017 when they try to overcome a bad [...]
The smartphone is looking for its next revolution, users are taking longer to change their mobile phone
Is the smartphone facing a stagnant sales phase? That is what IDC data seem to point to, which indicated that the sales estimate for 2016 had grown just [...]
The ultimate comparison of audio in the best smartphones of the moment
The audio is that eternal forgotten, the ugly duckling of technological comparisons and we think it’s an ideal time to listen to what some of the [...]
How to calibrate a mobile’s battery and why you should
Smartphones contain components that are durable over time, such as processors, screens or cameras, but there is a component inside it that degrades over [...]
iPhone 8
The iPhone 8 and its OLED screen in trouble, covering demand will not be easy for manufacturers
It has long been rumored that Apple will offer OLED displays in future iPhone in August , and it will achieve one of the advances that had not yet [...]
Huawei Mate 9
The Huawei Mate 9 2X zoom double camera
As you met yesterday, the new Huawei Mate 9, its high-end phablet in the format of the 2016, comes with a photographic system in collaboration with Leica [...]
Google Pixel
Five features of Google Pixel that can lead to other Android
It is nothing new that every smartphone hits the market has some features that are unique to that model or brand, and all of them, the missing family Nexus [...]
Mi Mix
Mi Mix is ​​the phone of the future that we are surprised and Philippe Starck Xiaomi 6.4 inches unframed
After staging the phone we expected, the Note 2, and its accessory for virtual reality, the Mi VR, it was his turn to a ‘One More Thing’ [...]
Huawei Nova Plus, are enough good selfies and autonomy to reign in the mid-range
Huawei Nova Plus promise improved the rest of these phones with intermediate characteristics experienced design and superior construction. Above all they [...]