Hardware Review

WiFi network
Why and how to change the name and password of your home WiFi network
Your router is the main gateway to your home network, and also to all the devices you have connected to it. Someone able to access it cannot only take [...]
Razer Blade Pro
Razer Blade Pro is a monster with Kaby Lake processor and Nvidia GTX 1080
The device it replaces is not at all old, in fact was introduced last October, but it seems that in Razer intend to keep updating the most important teams. [...]
Snapdragon 835
The Snapdragon 835 promises in almost everything, but it has an ace well kept in the sleeve
Qualcomm has been expecting something more than normal this year with its Snapdragon 835. Some models like the LG G6 have in fact had to give it up to [...]
Razer Blade 14
Razer Blade 14 is one of the best laptops to play: It is updated with 4K screen, Nvidia GTX 1060 and Kaby Lake
Of the best teams to play and also have to pay a lot for them, but their arguments have to quote high: few brands are like Razer, try to balance [...]
Lenovo ThinkPad P
The Lenovo ThinkPad P are fantastic portable workstations: Nvidia Quadro, Ultra HD and Thunderbolt 3
We spend a lot of time on the latest laptops with minimal thickness and gaming aspirations, but if what you are looking for are really powerful equipment [...]
QWERTY vs Dvorak
QWERTY vs Dvorak: The two great keyboards the time were born
It is more than likely that the keyboard you use to access is a QWERTY keyboard : this type of keyboard layout has become the fact standard of the industry [...]
Apple MacBook
Apple would not yet become independent of Intel, but the development of its own ARM chips has its advantages
At the moment this is an unconfirmed official information, but it seems that Apple has decided to design and develop a new ARM-based chip for future [...]
Asus Tinkerboard
Asus Tinkerboard tries to compete with Raspberry Pi
Many have tried to compete with Raspberry Pi, and for now no one has managed to snatch that benchmark in the segment of the motion maker. Only Arduino [...]
Intel and its computer on a card wants to make laptops an accessory
Computers have to continue to evolve, it is inevitable that their conventional form factor is disappearing – we prove it in sales – leaving [...]
Dell XPS 27
Dell XPS 27 is the all-in-one computer that wants to win you for your sound system: 10 speakers
Dell has renewed its full range of computers at this CES 2017, we have not only convertibles, 8K monitors and new laptops, there is also room for [...]