Fossil Q GEN 4

Fossil launches the new Q GEN 4 touchscreen smartwatch

Fossil is pleased to announce the fourth generation of smartwatch of its Fossil Q GEN 4.

Equipped with various technological features, the new line offers the technological innovation desired by users, enclosed in a sophisticated design and in models that are characteristic of Fossil. Thanks to the wide range of new features, the brand wants to offer customers a complete device, both in terms of functionality and design. Continue Reading

Fitbit Bracelets

The 5 Best Fitbit Bracelets of 2018

Which Fitbit watch is right for you? There are many models to choose from. Compare the price, features, design and battery life of each Fitbit and find the best one for you!

There are really many different models of watches and bracelets that monitor your physical condition in real time. But the Fitbit watch is considered one of the best ever and for a very specific reason. You can find different based on price, features and design to meet every budget, need and taste. Continue Reading

Xiaomi MITU DIY Robot

Xiaomi MITU DIY Robot, is the programmable robot that wants to compete with LEGO

Few segments and families of products where we do not find the Xiaomi brand as the protagonist. One of the most interesting for those who are fond of programmable robots is the range of programmable robots, hand in hand with the MITU DIY family.

The Xiaomi Robot

Once the work desk was chosen for a few days, the Xiaomi robot test was ready to start. As in other analyzes, next to me I had a notebook where I was going to write down the comments, impressions and details that, in the drafting phase, I did not want to forget, as well as the camera to illustrate the review. After that kind of ritual, he touched the unpacking of Xiaomi’s robot, just landed at home after a long trip from China. Continue Reading

Nexus Q

Nexus Q, Google’s most resounding hardware failure story

In the Google I / O conference in 2012 the search giant surprised us all with a hardware product that had a disturbing design but striking features. The Nexus Q, announced its creators, was the “first multimedia and social streaming player”

That singular ball whose cables end up giving it an aspect that reminded a lot of the sentinels of Matrix, but the one that ended up having the honor of being the first hardware product totally designed by Google was also a resounding failure. A few weeks after releasing it, they canceled their sale. What happened? Continue Reading

GoPro HERO6 Black

GoPro HERO6 Black, maintaining the reign of action cameras will not be easy

The action camera market is not what it used to be. When GoPro arrived it was alone and with this they created brand and identity, its name was synonymous with ‘action’ and its powerful camera became the standard of the industry. Time has passed and GoPro is no longer alone.

GoPro presented the new HERO6 Black, the renovation of its famous action camera, which seeks to catch up with the aim of continuing to dominate this complicated and growing market. We spent a few hours with the new GoPro HERO6 and then you can read our first impressions, where to see the full picture we will realize that it is not so much a renewal, but paints more to update. Continue Reading

virtual reality

8K glasses what virtual reality needs?

Neither Oculus Rift nor HTC Vive seem to have achieved the revolution that virtual reality posed in a large number of fields. Video games have been the best excuse to try to sell the virtues of some products that still have not convinced the industry or users.

There are several aspects that limit these experiences, but now there is a little known manufacturer that wants to make a leap in quality. The Pimax 8K are a reality glasses compatible with SteamVR that stand out for their two 4K viewers and for a FOV of 200 degrees that theoretically will improve the visual experience in a remarkable way. Will that help this segment? Continue Reading

Surface Pro

Surface Pro: More powerful, more efficient and with total bet by the stylus

The Surface family grows. After the presentation of the Surface Laptop comes the launch of the new Surface Pro, which now forget the numbers (no Surface Pro 5) and without touching just the outside touch the interior and a very special peripheral, the stylus or Pencil that has been improved noticeably.

That is the big bet of a Microsoft that wants to remain a reference in these convertible tablets in which the experience and writing is almost as important as the keyboard and touchpad. Continue Reading


Sony has created a gigantic electronic ink tablet that is not only large in size, but also in price

The notebook of the future? As Sony continues to raise that idea for some years, when he presented us in 2013 his idea of how we will use documents in a single device to forget the role. Sony is no stranger to electronic ink readers, there is the case of Sony Reader or DPT-S1, which were discontinued in 2014. But apparently Sony does not give up and today introduces us a new, and curious, devices, which, now, it wants to be the notebook of the future.

The new DPT-S1, which is an upgrade of the DPT-S1, is presented as a huge 13.3-inch tablet, where its strength is that it integrates a panel of electronic ink compatible with stylus. Here we can from storing PDFs to writing and making notes. Continue Reading

LG Watch Sport

LG Watch Sport and Style, first impressions with one you forget you carry it, with the other you remember your superiority

We knew about them and the new version of the system not long ago, in a timid announcement by Google and LG, and the MWC 2017 has been the opportunity to get closer to try them out. After a LG G6 that starred the stand and accompanied them, we were able to try them and have our first impressions of the LG Watch Sport and Style.

The challenge this time is somewhat greater, since after knowing that we would not see new watches of various brands with Android Wear in 2016 expected both new models and a new version of the system with many additions. Confirming some rumors, Google finally released system with the watches and in the MWC; we could try Android Wear 2.0 with the new LG watches. Continue Reading