Corsair Scimitar
Corsair Scimitar is the mouse for the MMO: 12 programmable buttons and RGB illumination
It is called Scimitar RGB and Corsair says this is his best mouse for MMO games, while the most striking in its catalog. For those who are lost we talk [...]
Lenovo quits smartwatches indefinitely, we will not see a new Moto 360 soon
In previous months was announced that some of the firms that initially adopted Android Wear, which include Huawei, LG and Motorola, would choose not to [...]
HP Z2 Mini
Workstations can also be small: The new HP Z2 Mini proves it
It seems that the segment of designers and creative is more fashionable than ever again, because after the presentation of products from other companies is [...]
This USB device performs HIV testing in less than 30 minutes
Today perform an HIV test represents at least two days of waiting, that when the laboratory is located in the same place where the decision was made [...]
This was the first USB memory of history
We are now so used to it that it is not uncommon to have a few scattered some drawer of our desk, but there was a day when USB flash drives revolutionized [...]
PlayStation VR, virtual reality must show more
This has been the year in which virtual reality finally begins to be in our lives. Both Rift Oculus as HTC Vive are the main references of a segment in [...]
DJI Mavic Pro: This folding drone is not a toy and fits in a backpack
If we talk about drones, needless presentation DJI, the Chinese company that dominates the market at different levels, especially in the professional [...]
Nikon D3400
Nikon D3400 introduces Snapbridge in the input range DSLR: Wireless phone connectivity
Here is the new Nikon D3400, a type of camera which is tucked into the small world recognize as substitute of selling in a market segment where major [...]
Valve wants to boost its HTC Vive opening developers 3D tracking technology
Valve decided to open its Steam Controller under Creative Commons for anyone with a 3D printer can customize and create housings for it. It was a measure [...]
Wireless headsets
Wireless headsets are winning the game of wireless
You use wireless headphones? Are you interested? Possibly yes in view of the latest news. The change is happening globally, but is particularly noticeable [...]