App Review

Google stores messages from Google Allo: If you want privacy there are other alternatives
When Google announced the arrival of its new messaging application, Google Allo did stressing two things: the introduction of an intelligent assistant that [...]
Flappy Bird
If you are playing bad ‘Flappy Bird’ is not your fault, but the touch screen
How a simple game ‘Flappy Bird’ is, in turn, so complicated? If you only have to press on the screen to make the bird jump at the right time [...]
Facebook Live
Facebook Live want to broadcast live video from any device … even drones
Be a drone, a mobile phone or any device with a camera and Internet connectivity: Facebook wants your videos and want already. That is the best summary of [...]
Periscope compete against Google and Facebook through its new service YouTube Connect
Let’s face it, Google fell asleep, yes, the owner of the largest Internet video platform failed to get timely fashion service: live transmissions via [...]
Virtual reality of Facebook
Making friends in the virtual reality of Facebook, Samsung and Oculus
We will not be us who give them work priorities to Oculus, but considering that Facebook decided to buy them, it was inevitable that did not end leveraging [...]
Microsoft Windows cancel Bridge for Android: Final goodbye to Astoria project
About a year ago Microsoft surprised us with two projects were aimed at improving the software catalog of its mobile platform: the so [...]
Best Games for iPhone and Android
The Best game app for iPhone and Android
Ended the era in which the maximum to a cell phone was a few games offer endless Snake, here, smartphone in hand, with regard to games, there’s [...]
Android Browser
Top 5 best browser for Android
Who among us can give up a web experience pleasant and complete? It happens every day to anyone with a smartphone or tablet to have to look for information [...]
Hola VPN
Improve internet and unblock sites blocked
Hola is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) access and cross-platform that has a goal very ambitious, to make the Internet 10 times faster : of course we are [...]
Android Launcher
The Best Android launcher
We begin with a minor problem: a “launcher” is an application that deals with mediating the relationship user-device, or allows you to have a [...]