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How to close apps on iPhone X?

You have just purchased your new iPhone X to replace your old iPhone. After executing the first configuration, you started downloading and starting your favorite applications, realizing later that they were still running in the background. You tried to close them like you did with your previous iPhone but without results: the absence of the […]

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ASUS announces the new ProArt PQ22UC monitor

ASUS announces the availability of ProArt PQ22UC, a monitor expressly addressed to photographers, video editors and all professionals and creatives involved in the creation of “color critical” content. Thanks to the 21.6″ OLED panel, 4K UHD resolution (3840 × 2160 pixels) and HDR technology, the new ASUS ProArt PQ22UC ensures superior image quality and fidelity, […]

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Top mobile apps not only for entertainment

The high number of applications, however, does not facilitate the work of users who very often are confused about which app to install. Videogames, productivity, weather, maps, for each genre at least a dozen applications are available, all extremely valid and with different functionalities. If you are not a great smartphone expert, you must always […]

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Criticizing that Google sabotages Microsoft Edge is having a very bad memory

Joshua Bakita, who worked as a software engineer in the development of the Microsoft Edge browser, has a singular theory about the recent decision that motivated his ex-company to change this browser to convert it into a Chromium-derived product. According to that engineer, Google sabotaged Microsoft Edge. He did it through changes in their websites […]

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