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Artificial intelligence
Can artificial intelligence go crazy?
As we move forward in the creation of ever more perfect, quick and accurate artificial intelligences ; as they are no longer just lines of code and are [...]
Samsung Nvidia GPU
Samsung is the manufacturer of the next generation of Nvidia GPU, according to Reuters
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd division continues to gain presence in the world thanks to its ability to manufacture components for a host of clients, among [...]
Computers all in one
Computers all-in-one one with another hinge Surface Book is what it sounds strongly in the universe Surface
Microsoft is a powerful company in hardware, more and more, but we cannot say that everything he has done has gone well, especially in the mobile market. [...]
Valve wants to boost its HTC Vive opening developers 3D tracking technology
Valve decided to open its Steam Controller under Creative Commons for anyone with a 3D printer can customize and create housings for it. It was a measure [...]
Wireless headsets
Wireless headsets are winning the game of wireless
You use wireless headphones? Are you interested? Possibly yes in view of the latest news. The change is happening globally, but is particularly noticeable [...]
If looking for a robot to take care of your home but also look like a toy, Riley is the solution
The domestic robots are not new, they are of different prices and features, which makes us several options available to us depending on our needs, which [...]
Mi Notebook Air
It’s Mi Notebook Air, the laptop Xiaomi
A rumor that had accompanied us a long time, with different leaks in recent weeks, until the day of his presentation came. Yes, Xiaomi also wants to offer [...]
Read on mobile
The future of the book is to read on mobile?
One enters the meter and do not see too many people with books in hand .Instead abound e – book readers and smartphones all in Travellers play, [...]
Apple could be reserved for the iPhone 8: What impact will that have on sales of the iPhone 7?
Within about two months will witness the launch of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – if those are your definitivos- names, and the truth is that [...]
atomic storage
The atomic storage partially makes fools of any current hard drive
A group of researchers from the University of Delft has developed a storage device at the atomic scale in which is possible to store 500 Tbit per square [...]