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Read on mobile
The future of the book is to read on mobile?
One enters the meter and do not see too many people with books in hand .Instead abound e – book readers and smartphones all in Travellers play, [...]
Apple could be reserved for the iPhone 8: What impact will that have on sales of the iPhone 7?
Within about two months will witness the launch of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – if those are your definitivos- names, and the truth is that [...]
atomic storage
The atomic storage partially makes fools of any current hard drive
A group of researchers from the University of Delft has developed a storage device at the atomic scale in which is possible to store 500 Tbit per square [...]
Neo PS4
Neo PS4 will arrive in 2017, more powerful and with support 4K games
The recent emergence of data in Amazon on the PlayStation VR also filter out just an internal presentation of Sony with 42 slides in which some interesting [...]
Moto G4 Plus
Moto G4 Plus after a month of use, end up convincing yourself
The initial reaction to the arrival of the new Moto G manufactured by Lenovo was uneven: the identity of that family created by Motorola disappeared now [...]
Dell has a new and huge 70-inch touch screen monitor with support for Chrome OS
In early 2015, Microsoft surprised with the announcement of a huge computer all-in-one with Windows 10 on TV 84 inch format, it was clear that the [...]
HTC Vive
Oculus removes the DRM associated with their Rift, will leave you play your games with HTC Vive
The rivalry between the two leading exponents of virtual reality is evident from both Oculus as HTC offered their devices. Not only they competed in their [...]
IoT device
This instrument evolves IoT device with internet access and support IFTTT
For several decades the endaural or ear hearing aid has been a device widely used by people with hearing weaknesses and even deafness, but it’s funny how [...]
These headphones promise to immerse ourselves in 3D sounds to feel the virtual reality
Ok, we have the ability of being in virtual reality experiences, but in most cases these visual experiences, except in the case of HTC Vive also allows you [...]
Xbox One
Your next PC could be a console: The Xbox One points to the convergence
The dream of this convergence that Microsoft promised us with Windows 10 still slowly coming true. First came the smartphones based on Windows 10 that [...]