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The new AMD processors for 32-core servers

“AMD is back, and it’s here to stay,” enthuses Mark Papermaster, senior vice president of technology and engineering at the US chip maker. Not surprisingly, after years in which the company has been unable to keep pace with products aimed at professionals and large corporations that demand maximum performance from their top rival, AMD has managed to launch […]

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Surface Pro: More powerful, more efficient and with total bet by the stylus

The Surface family grows. After the presentation of the Surface Laptop comes the launch of the new Surface Pro, which now forget the numbers (no Surface Pro 5) and without touching just the outside touch the interior and a very special peripheral, the stylus or Pencil that has been improved noticeably. That is the big bet of a […]

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10 reasons why Wimbledon and television are a perfect match

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and considered by most to be the holy grail of the tennis world. Image Credit For two weeks every summer it’s a national obsession, especially when British players are doing well. Wimbledon has had a long relationship with television, almost from the start of broadcasting in […]

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