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HTC will invest 100 million dollars in VR startups to create your own ecosystem
This is the year of virtual reality, the stakes already are on the table and we know the options that come to compete in a virtually new market, where many [...]
AMD heated rumors about the arrival of Neo PlayStation, Nintendo NX and a new Xbox
AMD has told its investors very interesting things, it seems that the presentation of financial results is a good time to give them some good atmosphere, [...]
How to build a great website
How to build a great website
A website is a vital requirement for any business. It is often the first port of call for customers and needs to represent your company and the work you [...]
Is your website generating great sales figures
Is your website generating great sales figures?
It’s all too easy to lose sight of what your website is actually for. Far too many small business owners and managers get hung up on the overall [...]
These self-contained modules will be part of the new and futuristic public transportation in Singapore
We are facing important moments in the world of technology – based vehicles autonomous driving , which for years looked more like a futuristic [...]
How to Create a Song Compilation from MP3s
Do you have a collection of songs in MP3 format and tend to create playlists out of them? While playlists are a great way of compiling songs, why not [...]
Intel processors
Intel processors, smartphones and glass balls
If anyone has read ‘The Intel Trinity’ will know by heart the story of the eight traitors and how that event led to the gestation of the [...]
Kindle Oasis
Does it make sense Kindle Oasis so expensive? We review the evolution of Amazon readers
I cannot consider me a heavy user of e-book readers, but I have spent a lot of content on the Kindle cheaper and I know for a fact that what it offers is [...]
Kindle Oasis
Kindle Oasis: New design and screen for the best eBook reader
Amazon just introduced a new Kindle and before you take the hands to the head by design, very different from what we were used, we warn that in fact, [...]
Facebook Live
Facebook Live want to broadcast live video from any device … even drones
Be a drone, a mobile phone or any device with a camera and Internet connectivity: Facebook wants your videos and want already. That is the best summary of [...]