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Qualcomm wants to be the heart more efficient with its Snapdragon wearables 1100
The world of wearables begins to mature and that involves making adjustments in strategies, we no longer need devices that do everything, because it has [...]
ASUS again let their hair with G31 ROG and ROG GX800 for gamers
Those responsible for ASUS have not stopped talking about developments in this Computex 2016: in a second event dedicated exclusively to video game lovers [...]
Paperlike, the first electronic ink monitor, is already on presale in Indiegogo
Electronic ink has not only revolutionized the way we read through the e-books, but also we have seen applied to all kinds of products, from smartphones [...]
Windows 10 and Android live in GOLE1, a handheld touchscreen
If you start looking for small computers with Windows 10 and hardware Intel, you get bored, but if you’re looking for something very portable, the [...]
Understanding the relationship between content and ecommerce conversion rates
Understanding the relationship between content and ecommerce conversion rates
Successful ecommerce depends upon the ability to influence conversion rates. Regardless of volume of traffic, if customers won’t purchase, ecommerce [...]
Content: To Brand or Not to Brand – That Is the Question
When you think of marketing and advertising, you automatically think of a brand or a product that the billboard, advert or poster is trying to promote. But [...]
Moto G
Motorola Moto G (2016) and Moto G Plus, first impressions worth the increase of price
Year after year, Motorola has renewed its line Moto G, one of the most recommended and even some award winner since its launch in 2013. This time we see [...]
Moto G Play
Moto G Play: Lenovo also has a Moto G for lovers of 5-inches
After the officially launched in India the two new models that were supposed would replace the Moto G line 5 inches. The Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus have [...]
Strip of intelligent foam
This strip of “intelligent” foam rubber want to replace your keyboard
Write from the phone keypad is not too comfortable, and this task becomes virtually impossible if the screen is reduced to the size of a smartwatch. What [...]
Ask these questions before authorising any software release
Ask these questions before authorising any software release
Software development can be a lengthy process. When the development comes to the end, it could be tempting to release the software as soon as possible; [...]