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Xbox One
Your next PC could be a console: The Xbox One points to the convergence
The dream of this convergence that Microsoft promised us with Windows 10 still slowly coming true. First came the smartphones based on Windows 10 that [...]
The console cycle model is dead and never coming back
The current model of the console cycle, that for which a model appears and in a handful of years (eight in the last jump) can expect that this [...]
Kindle Oasis
Kindle Oasis, a small and expensive breath of fresh air
Many who have followed the evolution of the electronic market we are cured to new products. Little competed, with just two or three major players, the [...]
Moto Z
Moto Z, the new high-end Motorola is here, and brings company …
It was the most anticipated event of Lenovo and it’s finally official. Rumors were not wrong, the new flagship of Motorola Moto called Z, leaving the X had [...]
What is the reason for not using more voice assistants?
Our smartphones have long been offering the ability to “talk to them” through the wizard’s voice, but although the use of this feature has been [...]
Samsung Gear Fit 2
Samsung Gear Fit 2 becomes Tizen comes with integrated GPS and better resolution
Two years have passed since Samsung launched its bracelet features smartwatch Gear Fit, which had an attractive design, comfortable and a curved screen [...]
Business Logo Design Tips
Business Logo Design Tips – When Designing For The Web
A catchy business logo should be created with the sign of intention to be memorable for people who view it. This should be considered as a surefire way of [...]
7 Website Disasters That Will Sink You In 2016
7 Website Disasters That Will Sink You In 2016
In this web-centric economy, your website is likely the lifeblood of your business. If it goes down, for whatever reason, it will inevitably cost you [...]
Ubuntu finally turns your smartphone into a desktop PC, and does so via Miracast
The promise of convergence was too good to be true. Canonical made us dream, but the platform has finally reached the market has shown that both [...]
Qualcomm wants to be the heart more efficient with its Snapdragon wearables 1100
The world of wearables begins to mature and that involves making adjustments in strategies, we no longer need devices that do everything, because it has [...]