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NVIDIA, from the video game industry to Deep Learning
The name of NVIDIA will always be linked to the video game industry and graphics. They were responsible for a real revolution: the first GPUs or better [...]
Razer Blade Pro
Razer Blade Pro is a monster with Kaby Lake processor and Nvidia GTX 1080
The device it replaces is not at all old, in fact was introduced last October, but it seems that in Razer intend to keep updating the most important teams. [...]
Snapdragon 835
The Snapdragon 835 promises in almost everything, but it has an ace well kept in the sleeve
Qualcomm has been expecting something more than normal this year with its Snapdragon 835. Some models like the LG G6 have in fact had to give it up to [...]
Nokia 1100
Nokia 1100, the best-selling mobile phone in history
Today tends to blind us, and the market has such a short memory does not help to remember great successes of the past unless they triumph with a proper [...]
Factors That Will Determine E-Commerce Success Or Failure
Most of the online revenue generated at the moment comes through selling services and soft goods, like premium memberships and e-books. E-commerce is [...]
Sony charge wirelessly
Sony’s latest patent looks like science fiction: Transferring power from one mobile to another wirelessly with NFC
R & D departments of technology companies are constantly producing ideas, and the most interesting ones, those in which a company sees that it could [...]
LG Watch Sport
LG Watch Sport and Style, first impressions with one you forget you carry it, with the other you remember your superiority
We knew about them and the new version of the system not long ago, in a timid announcement by Google and LG, and the MWC 2017 has been the opportunity to [...]
HTC U Ultra
HTC U Ultra, ultra in size and sound, but very fair in everything else
Renew or die, or at least not grab the attention of the technological media. Perhaps that was the idea of HTC in 2017 when they try to overcome a bad [...]
BugDrop, the awesome operation that took control of PCs to steal more than 600GB of information
Security company CiberX has just announced the results of an investigation that points to one of the biggest and most sophisticated hacks of the last year. [...]
Amazon Echo and Google Home want to replace the fixed home phone with VoIP calls
Are you still using the landline? Chances are, but the truth is that more and more users have these devices almost at home. Mobile phones have also [...]