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Apple and sabotage blessed by the user
These days we learned the philosophy railway Apple could have negative effects for many users again. If you’ve had to repair the Home button on your [...]
Smart Mirror Android created by Google programmer
Smart Mirror Android created by Google programmer
Google programmer used his free time to develop their own Android-based smart mirror; moreover, in his blog he published the details of the materials used. [...]
Samsung Galaxy S7
The Samsung Galaxy S7 will become a reality in the Mobile World Congress, did you expect?
Which is illuminated in the bucket is clearly a seven the number you evolve this year it’s up to the family Galaxy S Samsung. Yesterday I overtook [...]
Send bulk SMS online
Send bulk SMS online
Bulk SMS just alludes to the office that empowers the procedure of sending various instant messages from various sources to cellular phones of various [...]
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Chess, Computers and Humans
At one point in my life I thought it might be a good chess player. In the mid-80 collected and reviewed annotated games by Leontxo Garcia in El País -what [...]
Xperia Phone Sells Report
7.6 million Xperia phones were sold, increasingly weigh less in the accounts of Sony
The financial results we showed a sober Sony, getting minimal benefits in some of its major departments, at least historically, as the Japanese company is [...]
HBO Stream
The war against the television networks Netflix and other streaming platforms
A few years ago, if you wanted to see an international series premiere did not have too many options. Offered few channels open and when they did, it was [...]
Lenovo Yoga 900 Review
Lenovo Yoga 900 a convertible with many successes
Lenovo seems to have heard the criticisms made, and those that made ​​the users-because the new Lenovo Yoga 900 corrects almost all the flaws of its [...]
How long have you being the worst possible password 123456 and why never get delete it?
We’ve done it again. According to the list of the worst passwords of 2015 recently published by the developer of security software Splashdata, we [...]
OxyLED® T-05 LED Night Light With Sensor
We have tested a very good product, it is the lamp LED OxyLED T-05, and today we are here to share with you our own suggestions. OxyLed T-05: The LED lamp [...]